[News] Microsoft's Own Windows Applications Run in GNU/Linux, DOS Also

[News] Microsoft's Own Windows Applications Run in GNU/Linux, DOS Also

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 10 Nov 2009 03:20:24

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Internet Explorer 8 on Linux with Wine

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| While IE 8 will run and render web pages
| just fine there is still a large number of
| problems/bugs that remain to be resolved
| before you will want to use the browser on
| Linux on a daily basis.


Son of the Return of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show

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| From here on out, game reviews for
| abandonware DOSBox titles should be in the
| fall and winter. Who wants to play video
| games when it's 76 and sunny out? But after
| the time change, when the sun drops dead as
| soon as you get off work and the frost is
| forming by six, that's the time when you
| want classic DOS video games. Because
| there's only so many hours you can spend
| reading the Internet before you go all Jack
| Nicholson on the snowbound household.



Microsoft Removes Projectile-vomiting IE8 Ad From Web

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| An online ad for Internet Explorer 8 that showed a woman projectile vomiting
| has left such a bad taste in viewers' mouths that Microsoft has decided to
| remove it.


IE8's "Get the Facts Marketing Gets It Wrong

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| But this comparison table treats me like a moron, especially when you
| consider that I'm using Firefox and have pre-existing views on many items on
| the comparison table. Only IE8 gets a check for security, privacy, and ease
| of use? Really? At a minimum, Microsoft should have used Harvey Balls to show
| that the competitors have capabilities, which may not be as strong as IE8.
| Microsoft could have posted videos that show how easy it is to carry out a
| common task in IE8 and compare it to Firefox with the relevant add-on
| installed.


Microsoft IE8 Hype Is Beyond Belief

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| Internet Explorer 8 is a very good browser, especially when compared to IE7
| and (ugh) IE6. However, it still lags behind most of the other browsers in
| both performance and standards compliance. That doesn't seem to bother
| Microsoft, which has been pushing IE8 using hype that they rarely use even
| for Windows or Office.
| [...]
| There is no way that Microsoft can claim anything close to parity with
| standards compliance of the other major browsers. For example, IE8 retains a
| non-standard event model that does not get anywhere close to the W3C standard
| published in 2000. Just a few examples: Form elements don't bubble events.
| There is a global event object instead of an event argument passed to the
| handler. Rather than document.addEventListener, IE uses the non-standard
| document.attachEvent method.


Thinking about upgrading to IE8? Think twice

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| For example: One day last month Cringester D. L. discovered when he logged
| onto the Net, he couldn't get to his e-mail or view Web pages. He then
| enjoyed several quality hours on the