[News] FSF India: India's President Supports Free Software, RMS Safe in Peru

[News] FSF India: India's President Supports Free Software, RMS Safe in Peru

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:37:09

FSF India's Impact Far-Reaching

,----[ Quote ]
| India is perhaps the only country where the President himself has declared
| that the country has to move to "Open Source", which he even told Bill Gates.


Stallman survives Peruvian quake

,----[ Quote ]
| I read that a church collapsed on worshipers during mass; later I heard that
| the priest had been rescued. Believers surely attributed the rescue to the
| good will of a benevolent deity. They probably did not attribute the collapse
| to the ill will of an evil deity, but it would be equally logical. In the
| 18th century, an earthquake destroyed a cathedral in Lisbon, killing
| thousands of believers. Many in Europe began to doubt religion as a result.



Indian Policy Makers Call For Greater Use Of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| A wide spectrum of policy makers called for the greater usage of open
| source to modernize India in the digital era and the re-evaluation of
| the laws pertaining to Intellectual Property. The event sought to examine
| the notion of intellectual "property," in the context of traditional
| knowledge, globalization and the growth of the open source movement
| worldwide.


Forum for Open Source Initiatives in India Formed

,----[ Quote ]
| Sandeep Menon, convener of FOSII and director of Linux business for
| Novell West Asia, said, "FOSII members belong to various facets
| of the Linux/OSS (Open Source Software) ecosystem, which includes
| the industry, academia, government and the community. Though the
| initial members are all from India, some foreign members too are
| expected to join this forum to share their global experience and
| aid the initiative."


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