[News] Harvard University Releases Free Software, Other New Releases Announced

[News] Harvard University Releases Free Software, Other New Releases Announced

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Harvard University releases Profiles Research Networking Software as open source

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| Harvard University has released Profiles
| Research Networking Software, a form of
| social networking and expertise mining
| technology, to the open source community.
| Developed with the support of Harvard
| Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and
| Translational Science Center, the software
| is now broadly available to institutions
| seeking a web-based means of facilitating
| collaboration among their academic
| researchers.


opentaps Releases Version 1.4 of the World's Most Advanced Open Source ERP + CRM System

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| To date, opentaps has had over 500,000
| downloads from SourceForge.net and has been
| used by companies ranging from Fortune 500
| to midsize manufacturers, retailers, and
| online retailers to small startups.


Terracotta Upgrades Ehcache

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| Terracotta is offering its first major
| update to Ehcache in its 2.0 version since
| the firm acquired the open source product
| last fall.



FAS IT Testing Out New Windows 7

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| He added that he would not recommend that
| Harvard switch its computers over
| immediately because it uses so many clients.
| Uchiyama also mentioned that Ubuntu, a
| competing operating system, is due to
| release a new version today, which gives FAS
| IT another option. Harvard currently uses
| Ubuntu on several Science Center computers.


Harvard using Drupal

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| I recently learned about the fact that the Berkman Center for Internet and
| Society is using Drupal.


Harvard Law faculty votes for 'open access' to scholarly articles

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| In a move that will disseminate faculty research and scholarship as broadly
| as possible, the Harvard Law School faculty unanimously voted last week to
| make each faculty member scholarly articles available online for free,
| making HLS the first law school to commit to open access.


Mini Review: Open Source in Harvard Business Review

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| As the CEO's quest continues, she begins to worry that in many people's eyes
| her company is seen as the overly powerful corporate enemy with an iron grip
| on its IP. Then she worries about how her developers will react. She fears
| that they desert her if she opens up all of their code to the community. At
| the same time, these same developers are ragged from trying to get out the
| next release. But then again, she wonders if perhaps the open-source model
| would make their lives easier? One fault in the article is that she never has
| a conversation with her developers to ask their opinion. The discussions are
| always among the executives. (How typical is that!). The story closes with
| KMS' executives finding a YouTube video of a bunch of people playing a tune
| on competing devices much more sophisticated and cooler than those from KMS.
| The article suggests that they are open-so

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2. [News] Ball Aerospace Releases More Free Software; Earthquake Research Also Produces Free Software

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Ball Aerospace Expands Opticks Open Source Software

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| Ball Aerospace launched Opticks in 2007 as its
| first open source software project designed to
| enable detailed analysis of remote sensing
| data and complement strategy promoted by the
| Department of Defense's Open Technology
| Development Roadmap. Opticks is used by
| scientists and analysts within the DoD
| community to analyze remote sensing data and
| produce actionable intelligence.


Seismic Tool-Kit Helps Scientists Research Earthquakes



Open Source Tools Help Earthquake Researchers Stay a Step Ahead

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| As news that a series of powerful earthquakes were shaking the coast of
| Mexico in Baja, Calfornia, no doubt researchers all across the globe were
| keeping a watchful eye on the data as it rolled in. Many geological research
| facilities around the world use or are in the process of developing open
| source software and applications designed to interpret and share information
| with other researchers. Let's take a look at some examples.

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