[News] Pandora Linux-based Consoles Sold Out, Delivery Awaiting

[News] Pandora Linux-based Consoles Sold Out, Delivery Awaiting

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 08 Nov 2008 06:58:43

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Delivery problems with Pandora Game Console

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| All 3.800 planned units are actually sold out since October, 5th. Personally
| we would be very happy if someone would show up with a sample Pandora console
| at the Chemnitz Linux Days or similar fairs.



Pandora project demoed on video, shows off hardware, Linux, and Quake 2

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| It's pretty exciting stuff if you're a homebrew fan (and we know you are),
| featuring demos of the device smoothly running emulators like PicoDrive,
| PSNES, booting up a build of Linux, and even getting its Quake 2 on (at high
| frame rates and looking crystal clear).


Opening the box: The story of the Pandora (so far)

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| Open source handhelds have been with us for a while now. Those of you with a
| decent memory will recall the excellent GP2X from Korean manufacturer
| Gamepark Holdings, a device capable of performing numerous different
| functions, the most appealing of which is the ability to emulate several
| retro gaming platforms such as the Mega Drive, NES and PC Engine. Owning such
| a machine is like having an entire video game collection in your pocket.
| [...]
| The more open source machines, the better they are the future. The Eee PC
| has already shown then a machine running Linux can sell as well as or even
| better than a machine running Windows. Open source is the future, there is
| an ever increasing demand for such machines and manufacturers are now
| becoming aware of the fact you don't have to run Windows anymore the
| internet is the future and it does not need Microsoft.


Open-source gaming goes commercial with Wiz handheld

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| Homebrew and open-source applications often offer utility unrivaled by the
| more mainstream units, and that's something GPH is hoping to take advantage
| of with this new handheld. The Linux-powered device (running its own GP2X
| distribution) sports an Arm9 533MHz processor with a 3D accelerator, 64MB of
| RAM, 1GB of built-in NAND flash memory, an external SD card slot, and a
| single USB 2.0 connection. The display is a 2.8" OLED touch screen panel with
| a resolution of 320 by 240 (QVGA). The unit is powered by a 2000mAh
| Lithium-Ion battery that nets an advertised five hours of play time.


Gampark's GP2X Wiz handheld now available

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| We caught a glimpse of GamePark's new Wiz GP2X / GP3X handheld a month or so
| back, and the homebrew-friendly black-and-red unit is now available. $179 of
| your American dollars is all it takes to enjoy the 2.8-inch QVGA OLED screen,
| 533MHz ARM9 processor, 64MB of RAM, 16GB of flash, and 5 hour battery life --
| not to mention a Flash 7 player, MPEG4, xViD and DivX compatibility and new
| games scheduled to hit every month. Dynamism say these'll start shipping on
| October 8th -- anyone throwing down?



Could Pandora open up Linux games?

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2. [News] Rumour: Dell to Sell GNU/Linux-based Phones

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WSJ: Dell To Enter Smartphone Market


WSJ: Dell Smartphone on the Way


Dell smartphones coming next month?

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| Rumours that Dell has designed a mobile phone have been doing the rounds for
| months. But it now been reported that the PC assembler could unveil two
| smartphones within weeks.



DELL, we want a free software computerDELL, vogliamo un computer libero

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| Our ideal computer (desktop, laptop, subnotebook) has:
| 1. an Atheros wireless chip because it uses free (as in freedom) drivers
| and so it can function perfectly in every GNU/Linux distribution.
| 2. the coreboot free BIOS.
| 3. a fully free GNU/Linux distribution preinstalled like gNewSense
| No other company offers something like that and the request for such a
| product is high, as demonstrated by the famous Mark Shuttlework post about a
| free software laptop.

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