[News] Review of Windows Applications on GNU/Linux, Other Killer Applications for GNU/Linux

[News] Review of Windows Applications on GNU/Linux, Other Killer Applications for GNU/Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 09 Sep 2009 06:46:19

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Wine, Linux and Multimedia Software (Part 1)

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| Installing Ubuntu was easy, with all of my hardware being automatically
| detected including my laser printer. I was immediately impressed with how
| simple everything is to use. Some of the software that I used under
| Windows is also available under Linux. Skype, FireFox, and OpenOffice are
| three of my most frequently used applications, and the transition to Linux
| for these applications was painless. However, there remained one
| significant barrier to becoming productive under Linux. Unfortunately, the
| developers of many of my favorite Windows software have decided not to
| release a Linux version. Whilst there are Linux alternatives for many of
| these applications (some of which, no doubt, are just as good or in fact
| even better than what I had been using in the Windows world), this did not
| alter the fact that I would need to learn how a large set of new software
| worked. Do not get me wrong, I love experimenting with fresh software. But
| to be faced with having to learn about so many new applications
| simultaneously was a bit daunting.


Creating Pseudo-3D Imagery with GIMP: Part 1

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| Here again, I would stress that nothing beats a properly planned image,
| that applies to all genres you can think of. Some might think it's a waste
| of precious time to start sitting and planning without having a concrete
| output at the end of the thought process. But believe me, the ideas you
| planned will be far more powerful and beautiful than those ideas you just
| had, when you were just messing around and playing with the tool directly.


Review: Ubuntu Tweak

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| I never install anything outside of the official Ubuntu software
| repositories unless I am able to audit the source code - this is one of
| the benefits of open-source software. So, I downloaded the Ubuntu Tweak
| .deb file and unpacked it. Everything looked fine so I installed it. The
| installation completed without errors on my Ubuntu 9.04 system so I
| launched the app from a terminal.


Arora completely FLOSS Webkit browser

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| If you want to run a WebKit web browser with no strings attached (unlike
| Safari and Google Chrome), Arora is surely worth a try.



Arora, a refreshing new Qt/WebKit browser

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| The Gentoo Qt maintainers have been doing a fantastic job of getting
| edge Qt software into shape with the qting-edge overlay. Ie been
| Qt 4.5 since beta1 and am pleased with the direction it is going.
| the devs bumped the Arora ebuild to version 0.5. Arora is a lightweight
| browser based on Qt and WebKit.


Arora: A light-weight, cross-platform web browser based on WebKit

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| Arora is an open source web browser that uses the same WebKit rendering
| engine found in Safari and Googl