[News] [Rival] Google Kicks Microsoft's Behind (Based on Many New Articles)

[News] [Rival] Google Kicks Microsoft's Behind (Based on Many New Articles)

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 05 Jan 2010 06:52:41

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If mobile-to-cloud sync is big in 2010, it's game over for Microsoft


Would Microsoft suffer if Google gets Mobile Sync right?

,----[ Quote ]
| Sync in the mobile world is already a big
| thing, and looks set to be even bigger in
| 2010. Acccording to an interesting article
| over on betanews, Apple, Google and Amazon
| are sync leaders as of now, but Microsoft is
| a player but competing in the wrong game.


Competition Between Google and Microsoft Intensifies


How Google stole mighty Microsoft thunder

,----[ Quote ]
| The company was dominant. But not
| invincible. Today, Microsoft is openly
| mocked by Apple in its advertising.
| Computers have become portholes to the
| internet. Once there, Google is the brand
| people know and trust. Microsoft products
| are still used but they are not life-
| changing.


Google mounts a big WAC attack on Microsoft in the enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft financial results and its deal
| with Yahoo have motivated Google to launch a
| marketing campaign aimed at Microsoft
| enterprise revenue. The marketing will
| escalate because Microsoft and Yahoo now
| threaten Google crown jewels of search and
| advertising. Google wants to gut Microsoft
| strongest money machines, which are its
| applications and enterprise software. Google
| has been moving slowly into a position from
| which an attack on Microsoft core assets
| could be launched. With the forces in place,
| Google on the offensive.


An application war is brewing in the cloud


Gmail Preferred Over Microsoft Outlook In Recent Polling

,----[ Quote ]
| The team over at Mashable held a poll to
| find out what mail service users preferred,
| the Google created Gmail or Microsoft
| Outlook and the results are in with over
| 5000 votes.


Bing, Google spar over webmaster help pages


The Real Reason Google's $750 Million AdMob Buy Is Getting Held Up

,----[ Quote ]
| The real reason the Federal Trade Comission
| is taking a second look at Google's $750
| million AdMob acquisition has little to do
| with Google (GOOG), whiny consumer groups,
| competitive issues, or even Microsoft. The
| hold-up is thanks to the FTC's own
| Washington D.C. turf war with the U.S.
| Justice Department. Or at least, that's one
| story the pro-Googlers out there are
| spinning.


Microsoft Bing: The Worst-Designed Logo of 2009?

,----[ Quote ]
| Brand New, hands-down the most influential
| and well-read blo

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Roy Schestowitz < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > espoused:

Microsoft's business model is based on relicensing windows to everyone
every 1.5-3 years or so. "Saving" XP is not acceptable, since there
will be no further licensing revenue.

Perhaps the most likely possibility is that they'll start to charge for
"Service Packs", perhaps not much at first, but it could rise over time.

Whether they could ever be successful at stopping non-sanctioned copying
of the service packs is questionable, though.

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