[News] Havana University Moves to GNU/Linux; New Cuban Linux Magazine (Uxi)

[News] Havana University Moves to GNU/Linux; New Cuban Linux Magazine (Uxi)

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 20 May 2008 21:28:39

So, Cuba is finally moving to capitalism...]

University of Havana Finally Switches to Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| And, Yudivin Almeida, professor of computer at the University of Havana,
| this change means that w]hen free software has been installed on all of the
| university computers, it will make no sense to teach using anything else.
| So, one more Latin American institution has made the conversion away from
| closed, proprietary software and towards open knowledge.


See? Even Cuba moves to constructive capitalism and leaves behind that
communism where everyone uses the same software and relies on the one
authority which decides what to use (Microsoft).

Welcome to land of the free.

Uxi, a Cuban magazine dedicated to Free Software and Open Codes by the
University of Information Sciences

,----[ Quote ]
| It allows the access to several programs ven the one used to create the
| magazine-, all of them dedicated to the Free Software Movement, the Open Code
| and the GNU/Linux System.


Linux is doing exceptionally well, but adoption starts outside the
English-speaking world (South Africa being the exception).


Cuba Lifts Ban on Home Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm a Cuban. This happened more than a month ago. And we are very happy that
| someone finally came to his senses about it.
| What's new, though, is that [startin soon], they are going to be sold without
| operating systems... No more windows pre-installed. Or so I've heard. Now we
| only need tons of Ubuntu disks to give away at the sotre.


Cuba Votes No to OOXML - Says It Did So in September, Too - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| More OOXML news. The Cuban National Bureau of Standards has reportedly sent
| an email to the three names NBs are supposed to notify at ISO, Toshiko
| Kimura, Keith Brannon, and Martine Gaillen, reporting that Cuba votes to
| disapprove OOXML.
| But the startling news is that the email claims that Cuba voted no in
| September but that its vote was miscounted.
| [...]
| If you recall, the public announcement by ISO in September said that Cuba had
| voted to approve, which led to puzzlement. Not so, says the email, which was
| sent on Friday evening and broadly cc'd, including to all the NBs, perhaps to
| ensure there was no confusion this time. Cuba was deeply injured by the false
| report, the email says. Cuba voted no with comments in September. It never
| approved OOXML.



The Gradual Introduction of Free Software in Cuba Becomes Significant to Go
Ahead in the Crucial Strategy.

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| Without ushing the boat out the gradual introduction of free software in
| Cuba becomes significant to go ahead in the process of incorporating
| informatics into society.


Cuba embraces migration to free and open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Cuba's Cabinet also has urged a shift from proprietary software. The