[News] Reviews of Nokia's Latest Linux Tablet and the Latest Linutop

[News] Reviews of Nokia's Latest Linux Tablet and the Latest Linutop

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Nokia's new OS streamlines, syncs tablet platform with desktop Linux

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| Nokia recently announced its Linux-based N810 tablet, and although the device
| is not yet widely available, the accompanying software is. The new operating
| system, designated Internet Tablet OS2008, is available as a free download
| for owners of the previous N800 model. In that rarest of all outcomes, the
| new release actually improves the older tablet -- it is faster, improves
| battery life, and should make it easier for developers to port applications
| over from desktop Linux.


Linutop v1.2: low-power Linux desktop Revisited

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| Tech reviews are very much a snapshot process, making a decision after a
| relatively short period of time and of a single incarnation of the product.
| Useful, yes, but not an exact facsimile of living with something day in, day
| out that youe bought yourself.



Linux web PC makers tout Linutop-like wares

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| Linutop's recently announced Linux-based ultra-compact PC may have
| grabbed the hardware headlines earlier this week, but its rivals
| didn't take long to start shouting about their own take on the
| web-oriented unit.


Linutop: Tiny Linux Computer On Sale

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| Get ready for a bonkers-ly small Linux machine, called Linutop, as
| it comes on sale.


SlashGear Review: Linutop's fanless Linux PC

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| Much to my shame, Linux is something of a mystery to me. Actually,
| I think they should teach at least the basics of it in school
| computing classes, alongside English and at least one foreign
| language (though don't ask me about my French abilities either), but
| this is neither time nor place for my election campaigning. And so I
| look on with maudlin self-disgust at promises of Dell laptops with
| Linux pre-installed, or clever thumb-drives and Live CDs that offer
| a chance to fiddle with the OS without ruining your everyday copy of
| Windows; I inevitably fold when faced with some sort of command
| prompt. Perhaps, then, you?ll wonder why I was so keen to try the
| Linutop, a surprisingly compact and silent diskless computer that
| runs a specially tweaked version of xubuntu.


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Mandriva 2008 Spring vs. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS ... and how neither one wins

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| You might remember from my old Ubuntu 7.10 vs Mandriva 2008 story and later
| from the Fedora vs. OpenSUSE vs. Ubuntu on both x86 and PPC that the winner
| of the 'end of 2007 Linux competition' was Ubuntu 7.10 (but only by a whisker
| or so) - and I was actually mentioning that the competition only started to
| get more interesting - so now we are a the end of the spring 2008 and it's
| time to see how things have evolved ...


It shouldn't be surprising. They use all the same packages. IBM's Linux can't
beat 'HP's Linux' in peer production mode.

Days ago:

FR: Education Ministry encourages Open Source use

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| The department at the French Ministry of Education that is handling
| purchasing of software and software licenses is increasing its Open Source
| offerings to some 1.5 million teachers and education workers in 250
| institutes France.
| [...]
| The discount agreement with Mandriva is valid for the next four years. How
| many of France's postgraduate schools and universities today use GNU/Linux
| distribution Mandriva is not recorded, said Verez.

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