[News] [Rival] Microsoft and Its Puppet SAP Join on Legalised Bribery (Lobbying), Then Business

[News] [Rival] Microsoft and Its Puppet SAP Join on Legalised Bribery (Lobbying), Then Business

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 24 Nov 2009 08:54:42

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Spotlight turns to SAP in Oracle, Sun debacle

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP acknowledged in its statement that it has
| raised concerns about Oracle's $5.6 billion
| bid to buy Sun "with the U.S. Department of
| Justice and the European Commission as well as
| a number of other antitrust authorities
| throughout the world, and will continue to
| cooperate with these agencies in an open and
| transparent manner."

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ *** ch.com/story/spotlight-turns-to-sap-in-oracle-sun-debacle-2009-11-11

Microsoft and SAP: Oracle in the Crosshairs


SAP, Microsoft Gang Up on Oracle

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ +Microsoft+Gang+Up+on+Oracle.htm


How to Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper

,----[ Quote ]
| Others as in Microsoft and mates.
| All-in-all, the modifications to the document provide a fascinating insight
| into how lobbyists operate in their attempt to neuter threats to their
| constituencies through the shameless evisceration and outright inversion of
| content. Fortunately, when the final strategy document comes out, we will be
| able to pinpoint exactly where ACT's agenda has been inserted. Of course,
| before then we need to make the above document as widely known as possible,
| so that the relevant people at the European Union are aware of what's going
| on, and maybe even take action to prevent this gross distortion of the
| paper's purpose.
| In addition, we must ensure that Wikileaks can continue to provide its
| invaluable service. The world of openness including open source - would be
| the poorer without it. To that end, we need to support its current call for
| funds to help it carry on its work, and I urge you to make a donation,
| however modest.

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