[News] Review of Ubuntu Derivative CrunchBang GNU/Linux 8.10

[News] Review of Ubuntu Derivative CrunchBang GNU/Linux 8.10

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 18:30:50

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CrunchBang Linux 8.10

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| CrunchBang Linux (#!) is a lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution featuring
| the OpenBox window manager and Conky system monitor. The distribution is
| essentially a minimal Ubuntu install with a custom set of installed packages,
| and it has been designed to offer a balance between speed and functionality.
| The light system requirements suggest that CrunchBang Linux is a perfect
| match for an outdated computer or a netbook. With this in mind, your author
| tested CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 on an Acer Aspire One with a 8 GB SSD and 512
| MB RAM. Since the RAM is on the low end, this puts to the test how
| lightweight CrunchBang Linux really is.
| [...]
| If you are looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight Linux distribution,
| CrunchBang Linux should definitely be considered. The combination of the
| OpenBox window manager and Conky system monitor with an Ubuntu base and a
| carefully chosen set of lightweight applications makes it unique. With
| CrunchBang Linux, you can revive an updated computer or let your netbook
| shine. Moreover, the huge set of available Ubuntu documentation also applies
| for this distribution. This makes it easy for Ubuntu users to migrate to
| CrunchBang Linux, while still having the advantages of the huge Ubuntu
| community.



Review: Crunch Bang Linux 8.10

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| Well, I going to leave Crunch Bang Linux on my laptop. My first real test
| will be when I travel in a few weeks - as that usually the time I use my
| laptop. Il probably be using it to watch videos or play games. At that
| time Il know if Crunch Bang can meet my needs or if I need to go back to
| Ubuntu. If I go back to Ubuntu Il be sure to blog about it. I intend to
| blog about my feelings of Crunch Bang, Conky, and Gwibber after an extended
| use, but I can guarantee Il get around to it - especially if there
| nothing extraordinary to report. In that sense - no news is good news.


CrunchBang is a Speedy, Dark-Themed Linux Desktop

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| CrunchBang, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that sports a snappy, low-drag
| interface and is perfect for thumb drives, live CDs, or speed-obsessed Linux
| fans. Check out how it looks and runs in our screenshot tour.
| Getting started is pretty simple. Head to CrunchBang's main site, find the
| Download section, and grab the main ISO file (from BitTorrent or directly).
| You can burn it to CD/DVD, load it as a virtual system in VirtualBox/VMWare,
| or install it on a flash drive with UNetbootin. Put your CD or USB drive into
| your system, or boot your virtualization tool, and hit Enter at the boot
| prompt to load the live session of CrunchBang.


Linux Distro Review - #! CrunchBang 8.10

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| #!CrunchBang is a very interesting operating system, suitable for all those
| who want to easily install a Linux system, but they do not want to spend time
| with frills graphics. Definitely a "substantial" Linux distro!
| Once installed, CrunchBang is a system with a surprisingly fastness.
| Applications instantly run and the system isn't stressed by heavy apps like