[News] Linux for Payments, Phones; Telstra Chooses Linux

[News] Linux for Payments, Phones; Telstra Chooses Linux

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Gemalto Expands Range of Secure Linux Payment Terminals

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| MagIC3 W-1 is part of Gemalto's MagIC3
| product family, which incorporates the
| Open&Sec technology running on Linux.


Reality Check: Making mobile Linux work

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| The variety of Linux-oriented initiatives
| and activities in the mobile industry,
| including the recent announcement from
| Nokia and Intel regarding the formation of
| MeeGo, clearly reaffirms the fact that
| Linux will be the technology that underpins
| a large proportion of next-generation
| mobile devices. In fact, leading analyst
| firms predict that between 30-40% of
| smartphones shipped will be based on Linux
| by 2015. This column addresses a few key
| issues pertaining to this growth in mobile
| Linux including the need for consolidation
| at the core level of the mobile software
| stack, the choice of Linux as the
| technology that will be common across a
| large array of mobile devices of various
| form factors and the business models around
| mobile Linux.


Android operating system to power a smarter Telstra phone

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| MOBILE phones powered by Google's Android
| open-source operating system have been
| scarce in Australia until now.
| Occasionally, models from Taiwan's HTC have
| bobbed up on Optus and Vodafone, but they
| have failed to make much impression on a
| smartphone market dominated by BlackBerry
| and iPhone.
| That may change with a coming explosion of
| new models, featuring the much improved
| Android 2.1 version of the OS.



Major Aussie ISP Telstra BigPond shafts open source OpenOffice

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| Australia largest Internet service provider Telstra BigPond has removed the
| free open source office suite OpenOffice from its unmetered file download
| area following the launch of its own, free, hosted, office application,
| BigPond Office.
| [...]
| Our reader was outraged by Telstra move, which he sees as an attack on the
| open source software movement.
| he principle of the matter upsets me,he said. he fact that BigPond has
| removed previously allowed open source software is un-ethical. They are
| discriminating against me, even though I pay the same as other customers.
| They are attacking the Free Software movement.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ %20/2007/12/18/major-aussie-isp-telstra-bigpond-shafts-open-source-openoffice/
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1. [News] [Linux] Another Company Chooses Linux; Oracle's 'Linux Family' Extends Too

2. [News] [Linux] Choosing a Linux Distribution, Staying with Linux, and Giving Back

You Can Switch to Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather than a monolithic operating system vendor telling me that I'm
| not allowed to do something, there's an entire community
| of developers who are working to make whatever features I want
| possible! To me, that's the essence of what computing should
| be about--enabling choice.


Choosing And Testing A Linux Distro

,----[ Quote ]
| A final consideration when choosing a distro is the community support.
| Ubuntu has by far the best forums for this, as well as the greatest
| worldwide net of mirrors for updating system software/adding apps.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ,com_diary/op,view/id,5656/Itemid,44/

There are several mistakes one could spot in this article.

10 ways to give back to the open source community

,----[ Quote ]
| You run GNU/Linux. You play games on it, surf the Net, write documents,
| and edit pictures, and all for free, thanks to the multitudes around
| the world who contribute to the open source movement. Now it's payback
| time -- time to give back to the global fraternity giving you so much.
| Here are 10 ways you can help right now.


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