[News] Review of the New KDE 4 Live CD; New Linux Kernel Released

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2. [News] DragonFly BSD Live CD (1.8) Released; ELive Linux Live CD Reviewed

DragonFly - January 2007 Release 1.8.x Download

,----[ Quote ]
| The CD includes an installer that can be run at the
| console, or (experimentally) via a web browser.


E is for elegant with Elive live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| Elive is a live CD Linux distribution based on Debian that uses
| the Enlightenment window manager. Elive aims to provide an
| aesthetically pleasing environment with a full suite of desktop
| applications that runs efficiently on older systems. Its developers
| aren't finished yet, but they've come a long way with Elive since
| the release of 0.3 more than a year ago. This CD shows how
| beautiful distributions can become without being bloated.
| [...]
| Some distributions lack an underlying reason to use them; Elive
| stands out as an exceptional live CD with its wide selection of
| programs, beautiful interface, and low hardware requirements.
| You can probably count on a few problems if you try the current
| development releases, but you won't be disappointed by how
| elegant and rich in features Elive is.






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