[News] Review of Fedora GNU/Linux Derivative Vine Linux; Red Hat Targets SAP

[News] Review of Fedora GNU/Linux Derivative Vine Linux; Red Hat Targets SAP

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Vine Linux 5.1 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Vine Linux Vine Linux is a Japanese, RPM-based,
| multi-purpose distribution. It is developed and
| maintained by Vinecaves, and it based on an
| earlier version of Fedora. It is one of those
| distributions that excludes non-free
| (proprietary) applications from its default
| installation. Unlike similar distributions,
| however, it has developed a smart method to
| make installing non-free applications very
| easy. This is a review of version 5.1, which
| was released last week. This also marks the
| first listing of Vine Linux on this site.


Why Red Hat Surfaced at SAP Partner Summit

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| When the SAP Partner Summit started
| yesterday, Red Hat had a prime sponsorship
| position at the welcome reception. Read
| between the lines, and a quiet battle is
| brewing between Red Hat and Novell; the two
| leaning Linux service distribution providers
| are battling for the love and affection of
| SAP. Here why.



Line Linux 5

,----[ Quote ]
| Product: Vine Linux 5.0
| Web Site: Vine Linux (Via Google Translator)
| Price: Free
| Pros: Let you choose from a range of install options and lets you customize
| your software choices.
| Cons: Default language is Japanese so the initial install screen might throw
| people. Doesn come with any office suites or significant office apps
| available during the install. Youl need to download them via Synaptic after
| you install Vine Linux.
| Suitable For: Particularly great if you need a Japanese Linux environment.
| Can also be used by pretty much any other group of Linux users. Just be
| mindful that youl need to change the default language to English during the
| install.
| Summary: Vine Linux provides Japanese (and English) users with a good
| desktop Linux experience. Installation is easy and can be customized. Vine
| Linux also provides a good range of Linux apps (with the exception of office
| apps).
| Rating: 3.5/5

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2. [News] Comic Creation Software Targets GNU/Linux; Review of Renoise 2.0 for GNU/Linux

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Comic creation software released simultaneously for Linux and Windows.

,----[ Quote ]
| Start by adding panels to your page. Then drop your favorite pictures onto
| the panels. Add a few Speech Bubbles, and boom. You've got your very own
| comic. And it was all "Drag and Drop".


Renoise 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Verdict: If cross-platform usability is more important to you than freedom,
| Renoise may suit your needs perfectly. 8/10.


eBook and Comic Book Reader, Organizer for Linux Hits 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Radical Breeze announces the immediate availability of RadicalCodex 1.0.
| RadicalCodex 1.0 is an eBook and digital Comic Book organizer and reader
| specifically built for Linux.


"Doomed to Obscurity" - New Web Comic Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| For a New Year's Day surprise, I'm finally launching the
| webcomic I've always wanted to do. It's called Doomed to
| Obscurity and if you give it time, it'll grow on you. Strip
| #1 is up today; subsequent strips will be published every
| odd-numbered calendar day. That's the rule.

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