[News] Motorola Lowers Cost of Linux/Android Phone; fZiiLabs EGG Runs Linux/Android

[News] Motorola Lowers Cost of Linux/Android Phone; fZiiLabs EGG Runs Linux/Android

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 01 Aug 2009 17:11:05

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Motorola Pledges Cheaper Android Phones

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| Android smart phones. Cheap Android phones. Android phones on the
| Nextel/Boost iDen network. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said many of next year's
| Motorola phones will run the Google Android OS in a call with analysts today,
| continuing a big bet on the Linux-based system.


ZiiLabs Announces EGG StemCell Computer.

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| Another Android-capable device comes down the line, but this one is different
| from anything currently out on the market. ZiiLabs created the StemCell
| computer to be an open standards development platform, capable of running a
| Linux distro or Android with equal ease. This ZiiLabs EGG is not a phone, but
| it can be upgraded with the proper chipset to become one.



Motorola pushes ahead with Android phones

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| Jha praised Android, noting that 3,000 applications have already been
| developed for it. Motorola will focus on integrating messaging and social
| networking with the Android devices, he said, and will offer a range of
| devices in the high- and mid-tier price ranges. "We are probably investing as
| much as anybody on the Android platform," he added.


Motorola smartphone gets widgety

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| Motorola does not advertise which operating system (OS) the Evoke QA4 runs,
| but several hands-on reports from last week's CTIA Wireless show say the
| phone runs Linux, most likely an updated version of Motorola's Linux/Java
| MotoMAGX stack. In fact, the Evoke QA4 appears to be the second Motorola
| phone after the Moto VE66 (pictured below, right) announced in November, to
| support Motorola's MotoDev Studio for WebUI "widget" platform for MotoMAGX.


Ming phone gains larger screen

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| Photos and preliminary specifications for an "A1210" Linux phone that appears
| to be an updated version of the popular Motorola Ming have appeared on
| Chinese technology sites. The GSM/EDGE-ready A1210 (pictured) offers a larger
| 2.8-inch screen, and an improved 3.1 megapixel camera, industry reports say.


Motorola ZN300 images leak: 3MP cubist cameraphone

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| Press shots of the Motorola ZN300 have leaked, showing the Linux-based slider
| in all its squared-off glory. According to the limited specs we have now,
| the ZN300 - which also goes by the name MotoZine ZN300 - has a 3-megapixel
| camera, QVGA display and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.


Motorola disses Windows Mobile: Android "more competitive"

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| Handset maker Motorola has revealed plans to scale back its commitment to
| Windows Mobile as it continues to increase its investment in Google's open
| source Android mobile platform.


Motorola: Becoming a 'Peripheral Player'

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| To do that, Motorola will draw on its experience tinkering with th

[News] Motorola Lowers Cost of Linux/Android Phone; fZiiLabs EGG Runs Linux/Android

Post by 7 » Sun, 02 Aug 2009 03:37:11

oy Schestowitz wrote:

What I dislike most about motorola and their marketing spiel
is they claim their kit is cheap
and yet when you go to get quotes or go to get some assistance
the guys you meet at the front door have no idea of Linux or open source
and talk the paytard talk and show very clearly no understanding how open
source gets supported and funded.
Mortorola is dead when comparing prices with Far East.
They are just not competitive on price or basic support
and their marketing spiel sucks because of the way they
talk and deal become very devious when you sit in front of them.
When you are tasked with having a straight faced talk
to get some projects off the ground, just being normal
and straight faced helps a lot guys!
Its your revenue you are kissing goodbye!



[News] Motorola Lowers Cost of Linux/Android Phone; fZiiLabs EGG Runs Linux/Android

Post by Hadro » Sun, 02 Aug 2009 03:41:10

7 < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

You mean paid for? Paytard? Weren't you the lying fraud who claimed to
be "Inventor Of The Year" and tried to get people to "invest" in your
"technologies" to build giant solar powered space birds which glide
around the earth from cat *** or something?