[News] ARM to Gain at the Expense of x86 (Great for GNU/Linux)

[News] ARM to Gain at the Expense of x86 (Great for GNU/Linux)

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 03 May 2010 07:18:28

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ources believe
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| I always wonder about unnamed sources. It is
| very easy for Wintel or Wintel partners to
| put out false news. Alarm bells go off in my
| head when the sources suggest the good old
| days will return soon. You cannot put the
| genie of the netbook back in the bottle.
| Acer has the inside track distributing such
| gadgets to ISPs, banks, etc. The developing
| markets can absorb billions of these things
| running ARM and GNU/Linux, just not x86 and
| that other OS |
| In physics, this is described as a
| opulation inversion A higher energy
| level of atoms tends to drop to a lower
| energy level as conditions permit. That is
| the principle used by many lasers. One atom
| decaying triggers the others.


ARM takes on the server big boys

,----[ Quote ]
| DESIGNER OF CHIPS ARM claims that servers
| using its multi-core chips will go up
| against Intel within the next 12 months.
| Talking to EE Times, Warren East, ARM
| Holdings' CEO, said that while its chips
| have traditionally been used in "relatively
| low performance" roles the firm's
| architecture can "support server application
| as it is". East said that the company is
| cranking out multi-core chip designs running
| at "up to 2GHz".



Quad-Core ARM Aquila CPU Coming to Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that Windows is no longer the only
| operating system featured in netbooks, with
| Android and Linux steadily gaining ground,
| the time may have finally come for the ARM
| architecture to seriously consider making a
| foray into this market segment. ARM has been
| meaning to do so for quite a while now, but
| there has been little word on what effort, if
| any, is being put into this endeavor. The
| time of silence may have finally come to a
| close, however, now that a certain roadmap
| document from Samsung has been exposed.

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