[News] Orange Accepts Palm's Linux-based Platform, New Software Library Unveiled to OSS Community (Digest)

[News] Orange Accepts Palm's Linux-based Platform, New Software Library Unveiled to OSS Community (Digest)

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 15 Aug 2006 15:27:46

ACCESS Linux Platform Named an Orange Approved Platform; Orange Application
Package for ALP Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that Orange has named the Access
| Linux Platform (ALP) as an Orange approved platform across its network.
| In addition, the two companies are working together to develop the
| Orange Application Package for ACCESS Linux Platform-based mobilep
| hones.

http://palm *** .typepad.com/palm *** s/2006/08/access_linux_pl.html

PalmSource Releases Newly Created Software Library to the Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| "PalmSource built a tremendously strong community around Palm OS"
| commented Bill Weinberg, Senior Analyst, Open Source Development Lab
| (OSDL). "Today, their creation of the Linux-based ALP platform and opening
| up libsqlfs (and other projects) demonstrates their capability to
| build communities around embedded software, and their commitment tof
| ree open source software."


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2. [News] [Linux] New Linux-based Wireless Mobile Platform

New Wireless Mobile Platform with Crypto-Memory Security Chip

,----[ Quote ]
| Unicon's mobile chip-on-film Linux platform is based on an ARM9 embedded
| CPU running full-blown Linux 2.6 and attached to the back of a 3.5"
| touch screen.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ #5809586001199722124

Last month:

The World's First Mobile Linux Development Kit (MKit) is now available

,----[ Quote ]
| Unicon Systems, a Linux handheld software and hardware technology
| developer from Menlo Park, California, will start shipping its Mobile
| Linux Development Kit (MKitTM) this week.


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