[News] How Red Hat Works; Sony Relies on Red Hat Spinoff (Ish)

[News] How Red Hat Works; Sony Relies on Red Hat Spinoff (Ish)

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Red Hat's JBoss road less traveled

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| RHEL is all about "selling boxes" (i.e., servers), in other words. It's
| tactical, not deeply strategic.


rPath to Automate Application Delivery for Sony Pictures Imageworks

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| rPath, an innovator in solutions for automating application deployment and
| maintenance, today announced that Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc., has
| selected rBuilder and the rPath Lifecycle Management Platform. Using the
| rPath solutions, Sony Imageworks will automate the packaging, deployment and
| maintenance of the digital character animation and visual effects
| applications used to create its award-winning movie projects.



Sony Pictures Imageworks Launches Open Source Program

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| Sony Pictures Imageworks, the award-winning visual effects and digital
| character animation unit of Sony Pictures Digital Productions, is launching
| an open source development program, it was announced today by Imageworks'
| chief technology officer, Rob Bredow. Five technologies will be released
| initially:
| * OSL, a programmable shading language for rendering
| * Field3d, a voxel data storage library
| * Maya Reticule, a Maya Plug-in for camera masking
| * Scala Migration, a database migration tool
| * Pystring, python-like string handling in C++


Sony open sources digital effects software

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| The new effort includes a Web site aimed at keeping open source developers up
| to date on the projects. All five of the tools are licensed under the new BSD
| license, and are hosted on Google Code.

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Red Hat Selects Jobs2web to Power Global Recruitment Strategies

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ *** ch.com/story/red-hat-selects-jobs2web-to-power-global-recruitment-strategies-2010-05-10?reflink=MW_news_stmp

RHEL 6 - your sensible but lovable friend

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| Another big change in the RHEL 6 beta is the
| wide selection of disk formatting options,
| including ext4. You know a Linux feature has
| arrived when it makes its way to the
| conservative enterprise releases like RHEL and
| such is the case with ext4 file system, which
| is now the default filesystem format in RHEL
| 6. In addition to ext4, the XFS filesystem is
| now supported.

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