[News] Red Hat's GNU/Linux Proposition Improved, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5

[News] Red Hat's GNU/Linux Proposition Improved, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5

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Red Hat Prepares Private Cloud Pitch for Wall Street

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| Red Hat Enterprise Linux already enjoys
| strong momentum on Wall Street. But now,
| The VAR Guy hears, Red Hat is preparing to
| make a private cloud pitch to Wall Street
| customers and partners on April 19. Here
| are the detail, and the implications for
| Red Hat partners.


Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 Trails RHEL 5.5

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| That's pretty quick and in my view, one of
| the quickest turnarounds yet from Oracle
| with their version of RHEL. Oracle has
| been releasing its own version of Linux
| with OEL, based on RHEL since 2006 and
| they've been updating OEL as Red Hat
| updates RHEL.


Open cloud: Game changing technology for govts

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| Red Hat urges governments to implement
| cloud computing founded on both open
| standards and open source as de facto. Open
| Source technology by its nature, provides a
| robust and interoperable foundation for
| many of today cloud computing
| deployments. Moreover, it obviates the
| problem of vendor lock-in that has
| prevailed for decades.
| Red Hat has the enabling open source
| technology that governments can already
| leverage today to implement robust, high
| performance clouds that are reliable,
| available and scalable.



Oracle's Linux Server Slant

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| Based on Oracle's recent actions, it seems the
| company is hell-bent on driving as many of its
| potential customers as possible away from the
| UNIX offerings it acquired from Sun and into
| the arms of Red Hat and other enterprise Linux
| vendors.

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