[News] OpenSUSE 10.3 Beta Live CD Released, Freespire Gets the Pass

[News] OpenSUSE 10.3 Beta Live CD Released, Freespire Gets the Pass

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 14 Aug 2007 18:58:54

openSUSE 10.3 Beta 1 Live CDs

,----[ Quote ]
| Stephan Kulow has created and uploaded Live CDs of the 1-CD installations for
| your pleasure: GNOME Live ISO, KDE Live ISO.


Freespire On; Freespire Off

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| I've been waiting for months for the release of Freespire 2.0. Over the past
| two years I've downloaded and tried many distros but had been saving
| the "best for last."



Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony resigns

,----[ Quote ]
| Carmony also said his resignation, contrary to some rumors, had nothing to do
| with any disagreement with Linspire's primary owner Michael Robertson, or
| with fallout from either of Linspire's recent deals with Microsoft, which
| covered technology licensing and patent indemnification.
| Carmony joined Linspire, then known as "Lindows," in June of 2001 to become
| its president. Later, he became the company's CEO.


Linspire has a new president and CEO

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| According to this posting on the Freespire forum, Linspire has promoted vice
| president of worldwide sales and marketing, Larry Kettler, as Carmony
| replacement. Like Carmony before him, Kettler has been at Linspire since
| 2001.


Linspire releases Freespire 2.0 Linux

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| Linspire, developer of the Linspire commercial and Freespire community
| desktop Linux distributions, and CNR.com, a free Linux software delivery
| service, announced on August 8 the immediate availability of the
| controversial Freespire 2.0 distribution -- the Linux distribution that
| embraces proprietary software.


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openSUSE 10.3 alpha 3 Report

,----[ Quote ]
| It's always amazing to me, even after all this time testing their
| alphas and betas, that openSUSE releases are so functional and
| stable even during developmental cycles. It's particularly
| amazing when you look at all the customization, the sheer
| volume of packages, and size of system.


Another major release from a lesser-known distro:


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