[News] Linux Does to Windows Mobile What It's Already Doing to Windows: Making It Almost Worthless

[News] Linux Does to Windows Mobile What It's Already Doing to Windows: Making It Almost Worthless

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 23 Aug 2009 04:48:17

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Report: Microsoft Will Make Windows Mobile Cheaper To Compete With Open Source

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| Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will adopt a two-pronged approach to the mobile
| operating system market that will be able to compete against both the iPhone
| and Android, according to a report in DigiTimes that claims to know
| Microsoft Windows Mobile roadmap.


More insights from Eldar: Windows Mobile is dead, new Linux mobile OS from

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| So far Samsung has been pretty platform agnostic, merrily churning out phones
| for any open mobile OS available, with unifying TouchWiz interface on top.
| But now it seems that Samsung has started working on their own Linux based
| mobile OS. According to Mobile Review:
| (Samsung is) now working on a vertical Linux-based solution of their own,
| using their proprietary TouchWiz interface to tie up various platforms
| and prepare themselves for the upcoming Linux-powered devicesSamsung
| might be a little late (with their mobile Linux OS effort), but through
| various marketing tricks is covering it up. For now Samsung is spreading
| it widgets to phones and netbooks, but it is too early to call it fully
| vertically integrated solution.



Did Microsoft Just Throw WinMo Under A Bus?

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| If you're itching to buy that hot new WinMo smartphone, go for it. Just don't
| act surprised when the next version of Windows Mobile turns out to be the
| last.


Microsoft's Windows Mobile: Time to Hang Up?

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| There are better ways for Microsoft to make money from smartphones than to
| keep investing in a mobile operating system that's losing share and relevance


Is Google Android Killing Windows Mobile?

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| I wonder if it will be too late for the company to make a comeback, similar
| to Zune struggling to playsanjay catch-up with the iPod. So while there is a
| lot of focus on Apple v Google, the real battle is actually between Microsoft
| Windows Mobile and Google Android. It looks like Google has drawn its first
| blood.


Motorola disses Windows Mobile: Android "more competitive"

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| Handset maker Motorola has revealed plans to scale back its commitment to
| Windows Mobile as it continues to increase its investment in Google's open
| source Android mobile platform.


Motorola pushes ahead with Android phones

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| Jha praised Android, noting that 3,000 applications have already been
| developed for it. Motorola will focus on integrating messaging and social
| networking with the Android devices, he said, and will offer a range of
| devices in the high- and mid-tier price ranges. "We are probably investing as


2. Better DOS than DOS, better Windows than Windows, better OS/2 than OS/2 :-)))

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003 16:35:28 UTC, David Lewis < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Nothing, as eCS users buy for a product with getting fixes, drivers
and updates for free. Anything the FUD4 pay annualy again from SWC can
each eCS user download for free. When a FUD4 has not stolen all it had
payd more than $1,500.-- now to get less than an eCS user who has
payed eCS 1.0 in 2000 has now on his disk and installed.

eComStation is the successor of OS/2.


Herbert Rosenau
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ eComStation Reseller in Germany
eCS 1.1 GA englisch wird jetzt ausgeliefert

3. Better DOS than DOS, better Windows than Windows, better OS/2 than OS/2 :-)))

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