[News] New GNU/Linux Releases: Bluewhite64 12.1, Elive 1.7.2, Puppy Linux 4.00

[News] New GNU/Linux Releases: Bluewhite64 12.1, Elive 1.7.2, Puppy Linux 4.00

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 06 May 2008 15:55:18

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Bluewhite64 12.1 is Released

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| I am pleased to announce the availability of the Bluewhite64 Linux 12.1!
| Among the many program updates and distribution enhancements, you'll find
| better support for RAID, LVM, and cryptsetup; a network capable (FTP and
| HTTP, not only NFS) installer; two of the most advanced desktop environments
| available today: KDE 3.5.9, the latest version of the award-winning K Desktop
| Environment, and Xfce 4.4.2, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing
| and easy to use desktop environment; SMP Linux Kernel and
| (for testing) with advanced features and performance; Fuse 2.7.3 and ntfs-3g
| 1.2310 read/write NTFS driver; SCIM 1.4.7 (Smart Common Input Method); an
| updated IA32 Emulation (run 32-bit programs) in the EXTRA software series,
| and may more improved and upgraded packages. Read the Official Announcement
| for more details.


Elive 1.7.2 development released

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| This release contains support for b43 wifi cards, a trayer, and a lot more
| things, details:
| * Menus: This is the preliminary version of improved menus. They are
| better organized now, with more sections, and they should show any
| application that the user installs.
| * b43 Wireless cards (bcm43xx) are better supported, with a suite to
| configure it asking for use ndiswrapper or linux native driver
| * E17 Updated and improved configuration. More virtual desktops have also
| been included by default. The segfault bug in the pager is fixed in this
| version
| [...]


Puppy Linux: LATEST VERSION: 4.00



More distros = more choice

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| With more than 300 active distributions (distros), Linux is on a roll. Linux
| distros primarily differ in terms of features since they are built on
| variants of the same kernel (32-bit/64-bit; with various features of the
| kernel enabled or disabled). ll the Linux distributions come from the same
| upstream kernel and what distinguishes each distribution is how they provide
| support, get ISVs to certify the ISV applications on the specific
| distribution, and how IHVs (Independent Hardware Vendor) get to do the same,
| feels Nandu Pradhan, President & Managing Director, Red Hat India.


Distros Don Drive Development

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| Lots of press and people focus on Linux distributions when they check out
| what happens in Linux land. This and that distro come in new releases and
| they offer this and that brand new feature. This is also true of the many
| linux podcasts. They give credit to distros for new things that pop up.



,----[ Quote ]
| When someone says a recent Linux Distro is 100 times better than another
| recent Linux distro, I worry a little that schism has lead to computer
| religion. Taken on its face, examined rationally, you have to ask "how can
| that be?". They all feed off the same kernel stock, and pull in the same sets
| of office projects and same GUI projects and so fo