[News] Review of Miniature GNU/Linux Server (OpenBlock), More GNU/Linux Servers

[News] Review of Miniature GNU/Linux Server (OpenBlock), More GNU/Linux Servers

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[Review] OpenBlock S600, a powerful server in the palm of your hand

,----[ Quote ]
| Entirely made in Japan, the OpenBlockS600
| may not feature the most exciting design
| ever made to mankind, but who would argue
| that design for this kind of a product is
| important? After all, what we want and
| need here is something extremely reliable,
| easy to handle and rock solidAnd believe
| me, the OpenBlockS600 is ALL of those in
| one tiny white aluminum box.


InfoWorld review: Desktop virtualization for Windows and Linux heats up

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| Desktop virtualization is one of those
| technologies that confound the experts.
| Just when you think you've got it figured
| out, along comes some interloping
| development to upset the apple cart. Most
| recently, that role has fallen to Sun's
| VirtualBox, the plucky open source VM
| solution that's quickly gobbling up the
| general-purpose desktop virtualization
| space left vacant by Microsoft and VMware.
| Users from the three major platforms --
| Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux -- are
| flocking to VirtualBox for its
| scalability, robust networking, and
| bargain price point (it's free).


Storage Highlights of 2009



The OpenBlockS 600 is a Linux server that fits in your palm

,----[ Quote ]
| Forget the netbook or the net-top PC: How about a net-
| server?
| A Japanese vendor is touting a lilliputian Linux Web
| server that weighs 8 ounces and consumes just 8 watts.


Platome launches palm-sized Linux server

,----[ Quote ]
| Plat'Home has launched a new model of its OpenBlockS
| series, a line of Linux micro servers. The OpenBlockS 600
| comes with a fanless and spindle free design and gibabit
| ethernet in a palm-sized box.



Open source in Japan: Q&A with the President of Plat'Home

,----[ Quote ]
| ...ultimately, I believe the opportunity for Linux expanding into a
| wide range of devices, including, of course, entertainment devices like
| set-top boxes, cell phones, and other mobile devices, radically dwarfs
| the opportunity for broadcast entertainment. Even today, when you search,
| when you make a phone call, when you do online banking, you're using
| Linux. And it's only the beginning. I wanted to be a part of that.
| Asay: Plat'Home started selling Linux in Japan in 1993. That's really early
| days. Why Linux?
| Suzuki: Linux is powerful, in a lot of ways, especially for what it
| doesn't do. Let me explain. It's possible to deliver more computing
| power -- that is, more functionality and more stability -- into a wide
| range of devices, especially small ones. Its small footprint was very
| appealing. This was already apparent even from early on. Basically, we
| saw it as having the potential to get very sophisticated software into
| the hands

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2. [News] GNU/Linux-only Applications in Review, NCP Brings Gateway to GNU/Linux

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Complete and Utter (Linux Desktop) Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| What interests me about these completist apps
| is that they are commonplace in FOSS and rare
| in proprietary software. The reason is probably
| that FOSS has more demanding and independent-
| minded users, many of whom are also developers
| and in a position to insist on their own
| preferences


Hybrid IPsec / SSL VPN Gateway for Linux Operating Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| NCP engineering GmbH today announced the
| availability of software-based NCP Secure
| Enterprise Server for Linux operating systems.



Marble is a polished jewel

,----[ Quote ]
| Marble is a spectacular piece of software. It is beautiful, thorough,
| detailed, well laid out, fast, robust, and responsive. And you can enjoy it
| without any needs for a powerful graphics card. It runs well on modest
| hardware, which only makes it even more wondrous.
| For people who like geography, Marble is a great bonus. It also seems like an
| excellent tool for teaching people (and kids) the wonders of our Planet in a
| fun and exciting way. I wish I had something like this when I was growing up!
| Marble is simply great. You have to try it!

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