[News] Dell Adopt Another GNU/Linux Distribution and Looks Into GNU/Linux-only Devices (ARM)

[News] Dell Adopt Another GNU/Linux Distribution and Looks Into GNU/Linux-only Devices (ARM)

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Dell Switches to Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Looks Into Smartbooks

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| Currently, Dell offers Ubuntu Linux 8.04 on its Mini 10v netbook, but will
| soon (in the next few weeks actually) be upgrading to version 9.04 (codenamed
| Jaunty Jackalope). On its future netbooks, the company is planning to
| pre-loading Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which is specifically designed for smaller
| screen sizes.



Linux on Netbooks

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| There are many reasons that this is news. Dell is the quintessential user
| computing device vendor. They have a well recognized brand and off and on,
| have courted Linux on the desktop. Linux has a lower acquisition cost for a
| hardware vendor -- and on a $300 computing device, there isn't a lot of
| margin.
| Barring all of that strategic schpew -- the fact is, my wife uses an Ubuntu
| laptop and seems to have taken to the netbook with a minimum of fuss. I use
| her viewpoint as an indicator of sorts. She doesn't hold much back in terms
| of criticism -- if it sucks I'm going to hear about it in short order. She's
| not a technology lightweight -- she uses facebook, email and web browsing as
| good or at a higher competency than all but my tightest technological
| contacts -- but she's not a programmer or IT type.


Dell Looks to Linux to Expand Netbook Presence

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| In an effort to expand its Linux offerings, Dell is researching new
| netbook-type devices and will soon offer netbook Linux OS upgrades, a company
| official said on Wednesday.
| The company is researching the possibility of offering new Linux-based mobile
| devices called smartbooks, said Todd Finch, senior product marketing manager
| for Linux clients, at the OpenSourceWorld conference in San Francisco. The
| company will also upgrade its Ubuntu Linux OS for netbooks to the latest
| version in the next few weeks, he said.


Microsoft Loses $435 Million in Netbooks

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| According to current figures from Netbookdigest.com, Microsoft has lost
| $435,000,000 over the last year in netbook sales.
| While Microsoft has maintained about 90% of the desktop and notebook market,
| netbooks come in at only 70%. Part of the reason is Linux, but part is
| Microsoft itself.


The Netbook Effect: How Cheap Little Laptops Hit the Big Time

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| The miserly constraints spurred her to be fiendishly resourceful. Instead of
| using a spinning hard drive she chose flash memoryhe type in your USB thumb
| driveecause it draws very little juice and doesn't break when dropped. For
| software she picked Linux and other free, open source packages instead of
| paying for Microsoft's wares. She used an AMD Geode processor, which isn't
| very fast but requires less than a watt of power. And as the pice de
| rsistance, she devised an ingenious LCD panel that detects whether onscreen
| images are static (like when you're reading a document) and tells the main
| processor to shut down, saving precious electricity.