[News] Real-time Conference Co-locates with Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop

[News] Real-time Conference Co-locates with Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 08 Aug 2009 22:21:57

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Real-time technology gains user conference

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| Denx announced the first Xenomai User Meeting, which will co-locate with
| OSADL's Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop (RTLWS11) in Dresden, Germany, on
| Sep. 28-30. The Xenomai meeting will showcase this major real-time Linux
| extension alternative to PREEMPT RT -- and maybe help make peace between the
| warring camps.



Real-time Linux gains accelerated graphics

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| The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) announced that the
| PREEMPT_RT patches have been stabilized with the mainline Linux 2.6.26
| kernel. The newly available "latest stable" kernel is said to achieve latency
| as low as 39 microseconds, while inheriting several interesting new 2.6.26
| kernel features.


Red Hat updates real-time Linux

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| Red Hat has announced that it has begun shipping the second rev and the first
| fully functional version of its Enterprise MRG real-time Linux. The Fedora
| Project, which is sponsored by Red Hat, has also put the alpha of its Fedora
| 11 development release in the field on time.



Linux to grow 278% in embedded/mobile/real-time apps

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| Linux use in "next" embedded, mobile, and real-time projects will grow 278
| percent over that in "previous" projects, suggests a recent survey by Venture
| Development Corp. (VDC).


Concurrent Announces New MediaHawk(R) Software Release

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| Concurrent (Nasdaq: CCUR), a worldwide leader in real-time Linux-based
| computing technologies, announced today a new software release for its
| MediaHawk line of video servers. The release is SCTE-130 compliant and
| features many new functionality and capacity enhancements, most notably play
| list support enabling advanced advertising.

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Concurrent Partners With KCEI To Resell Real-Time Linux Image Generation
Solutions In South Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| At the heart of each ImaGen visual server and iHawk system is Concurrent
| RedHawk Linux.


UEIPAC Gets Major Speed Increase -- Linux-powered PAC is now 8 Times Faster

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| United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce a major
| enhancement/upgrade to the popular UEIPAC series of programmable automation
| controllers.


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