[News] How GNU/Linux Workspaces Improve Productivity; GNU/Linux in a Window|Windows

[News] How GNU/Linux Workspaces Improve Productivity; GNU/Linux in a Window|Windows

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 09 Apr 2010 05:15:39

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Boost Productivity with Workspaces

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| Most often its not the case that you have
| only one application open at a particular
| time on your computer. With hardware
| becoming cheaper & faster, multi-tasking
| has become a norm. Its a common sight today
| to have a media-player, web browser, chat
| client & an image editor all running in
| realtime on one desktop. Though the
| computers can handle such multi-tasking the
| user productivity most often than not
| gets crippled. Blame it on to the cluttered
| desktop for the decrease in productivity.
| Half of the user time is wasted in
| finding the right application window.
| Grouping similar windows is handy but still
| not too much either. However, most of the
| user are unaware of the feature called
| orkspacesin Linux Desktop Environments.
| Almost all desktop environment offer this
| feature enabled by default. It is set to 2
| or 4 workspaces by default but can be
| altered to provide many more.


Portable Ubuntu 9.10 for Windows [Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows]

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| Portable Ubuntu for Windows runs a full-
| fleshed Linux Ubuntu operating system on
| your Windows like any other Windows
| application. Version 3 of this brand runs
| Ubuntu 9.10 on Windows XP, Vista and
| Windows 7. Download the latest package that
| takes about 559MB of your hard disk space
| (3.81GB when extracted). You can run it
| directly from your thumb-drive its so
| portable.



5 Open Source Resources For Boosting Your Productivity

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| No matter how smart a worker you are, there
| are plenty of open source tools that can make
| you more productive. They range from hugely
| useful Firefox extensions such as iMacros
| (which lets you record repetitive, multi-step
| tasks and then execute them with one click) to
| collaboration applications for efficient co-
| working. Here, you'll find five of our best
| posts and collections on productivity
| enhancement tools. Everything found here is
| free.

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