[News] [Linux] Review of Darter Laptop (Linux Preinstalled), PCLinuxOS 2007

[News] [Linux] Review of Darter Laptop (Linux Preinstalled), PCLinuxOS 2007

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 25 May 2007 19:56:08

eview: Darter Ultra Notebook

,----[ Quote ]
| If you are a current Linux user or even one thinking about getting
| into the Linux world, the Darter Ultra is a great starting point.
| The available documentation, the friendly staff, and the rapid free
| support, not to mention the modern components - including the speedy
| dual core Intel Core 2 Duo chip, the integrated SD card reader, and
| the System76 driver - all make a very convincing argument. If you
| are looking for a mobile Linux experience - or even a compact
| desktop - you can't go wrong with the Darter Ultra, especially now
| that they come with Feisty Fawn.


Review: PCLinuxOS 2007 Final release

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, with that aside PCLOS2007 is a cracking release that lives up
| to all the promise that the test releases offered. Everything worked
| and the entire experience was indeed "radically simple".



Review: PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) 2007 Final

,----[ Quote ]
| This is solid progress for PCLOS. There are things that can and need to
| be improved to make some aspects as easy as *ubuntu but for the mostp
| art, here is a distribution that most users should be happy with...
| Even you don't think the features are particularly amazing, the
| visuals make for a stunningly crisp distribution.


PCLinuxOS passes Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Interesting tidbit of information...amidst all the hype about Ubuntu and
| Dell PC's...the little distro that could has marched up to the #1
| spot for the span of 7 days.


Google hosts as Ira Hyman introduces PC LinuxOS

,----[ Quote ]
| I must confess, I had never used Linux before, and it never crossed
| my mind to use it in the near future. Like many people I was using
| Windows for years, brought up with the system. Using it at University,
| using it at the library, using it at home. It's right there everywhere
| you go. Ira Hyman, speaker of the night and Director of Product
| Development at The Linux Loft, a Manhattan based company, advocated
| for people to use PCLinuxOS, one of the many distros Linux has,
| tried to convince people to take a closer look at this piece of
| Linux-art.


PCLinuxOS - "The Distro Hopper Stopper" & "Viable Windows Substitute"

,----[ Quote ]
| Okay...I have finally made the switch to PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) & have been
| VERY impressed so far. I'm running the latest release, PCLinuxOS 2007
| TR4. TR4 stands for Test Release 4 and is the fourth & final test release
| of PCLinuxOS 2007.


(OT) Alternative to Vista? Try the user friendly PCLINUXOS 2007!

,----[ Quote ]
| Hello... I am NOT a linux Geek, I am a windows user. But vista is
| horrible... and more and more people are looking for alternatives.
| Many of you are frustrated with vista, I know... but there are new
| alternatives coming out, and they are free too.


[News] [Linux] Review of Darter Laptop (Linux Preinstalled), PCLinuxOS 2007

Post by Jim Richar » Sat, 26 May 2007 04:42:51

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On Thu, 24 May 2007 11:56:08 +0100,

I bought one a couple months ago. Very happy. Originally came with Edgey
(Ubuntu 6.10) and the upgrade to Feisty (7.04) was smooth and complete.

Great little machine. Good price, and handling all the drivers for the
hw that aren't in the stock kernel in a single package works great. The
restore CD, is a standard Ubuntu install cd.

Boots in 20-25s, and suspend & hibernate work great. Mine was comparable
in price to the nearest Dell option at the time.

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