[News] Debian GNU/Linux Still Chosen Over Its Derivative Ubuntu at Times

[News] Debian GNU/Linux Still Chosen Over Its Derivative Ubuntu at Times

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 29 Nov 2009 05:25:17

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- From Ubuntuto Gentoo..? No, to Debian!

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| Instead of moving to Gentoo, I will move to
| Debian, which I already familiar with, but
| with an interesting idea. My idea is to
| compile my kernel (get the latest stable
| release from Kernel.org), then I would like to
| compile my Desktop Environment, which will be
| XFCE. If I do all of this, I should have then
| an efficient system. What happens with the
| applications? Easy, if I see that I need
| special good performance on a program, then I
| shall go and compile it from the sources. What
| if not? Then use pt-get as always.



Debian looking at development freeze by March

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| The Debian GNU/Linux project is looking at a
| development freeze in March next year for its
| next release, Squeeze, the project leader
| Steve McIntyre says.


Debian The Universal Operating System

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| The other day, I blogged about the Debian
| Installer, and I stated that I find it to be
| one of the most flexible and possibly most
| powerful operating system installers. Well,
| continuing with a series of posts on Debian, I
| want to mention how flexible the operating
| system is by itself, from installing to
| running. The claim from the Debian project
| that it is he Universal Operating Systemis
| spot on, and I hope this post shows you really
| how universal it truly is.

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