[News] Where GNU/Linux is Ahead of Mac OS X and Windows: Terminal Applications

[News] Where GNU/Linux is Ahead of Mac OS X and Windows: Terminal Applications

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 18 Apr 2009 05:41:36

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CMus Review - A Great ncurses Music Player

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| Overall, except for the lack of Last.fm support, CMus is one hell of an audio
| player for using in a terminal or in an environment without X. It is
| lightweight, powerful, fast, highly configurable and it seems, at least to
| me, intuitive and easy to use once you grasp the commands and keyboard
| shortcuts. A great piece of software, and I really hope for a future release
| to include by default Last.fm integration.


More lightweight diversions

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| A couple more, that deviate slightly. Terminal-based entertainment, short of
| watching movies piped through aalib, could always take the obvious route and
| remain text-based, as it was a long time ago. To that end it still possible
| to play some telnet games, including Space Tyrant, which is still maintained
| too.



13 Terminal Emulators for Linux

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| Konsole: This is a powerful and full-featured terminal included by default in
| KDE. It features desktop transparency, background images, profiles, tabs,
| notifications and plenty schemes to choose from.


10 Command-Line Applications I Use in Debian and Ubuntu

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| In this article I'll briefly review ten of my favourite CLI (command-line
| interface), not necessarily the most popular or most powerful of them. So if
| you don't find your personal favourite, (e.g. Midnight Commander or
| mp3blaster), it's because the article includes the tools I use more often.


Webmin: can a graphical front end for system administration replace the command

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| We all love GUIs. For the average user of proprietary systems like Windows
| they are mostly all they ever need or see. Unix systems are rather different.
| Long before GUIs became ubiquitous, system administrators (and single machine
| users too) were weaned on configuration on the command line and spent copious
| amounts of time mastering their craft.
| The increasing use and popularity of GNU/Linux has been educating people
| about its superior architecture, better security and relatively simple
| configuration files. It is also true though that the huge availability of
| graphical front ends has brought in a whole new slew of users who feel right
| at home with them as they did in Windows. However, the usual criticism is
| that, good and relatively easy to use as they are, they can never emulate the
| fine, granular control of the command line. There is a deal of truth in that.


5 Reasons to Use CLI Over GUI

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| First, I must say that using CLI is not always faster, not necessarily. There
| are tasks which can be done faster and easier using some GUI application
| rather than typing a whole bunch of commands. But, nevertheless, command line
| is still very powerful and it's more appropriate to use it for certain tasks.
| I for one use probably