[News] Copyright Laws and Patent Laws Hijacked by Suppressors

[News] Copyright Laws and Patent Laws Hijacked by Suppressors

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 02:36:43

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US Trade Rep serves drug companies, publishers and pushes anti-consumer agenda

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| Today the Senate Finance Committee will hold a
| hearing on the 2010 Trade Agenda. The single
| witness is Ambassador Ron Kirk, the United
| States Trade Representative. (The agency Kirk
| runs is known by the same name -- USTR for
| short.) This is a busy week. A few blocks
| away, at the International Trade Commission
| (ITC), USTR is holding a day long hearing on
| something called the Special 301 list -- which
| is a program to pressure trading partners on
| intellectual property rights. On Monday, in
| Geneva, the USTR blocked a request by
| developing countries to hold a workshop at the
| World Trade Organization (WTO) on access to
| patented medicine. The USTR is also doing
| damage control to defend a controversial new
| trade agreement on the enforcement of
| intellectual property rights that is being
| negotiated in secret, and trying to block a
| new treaty at the World Intellectual Property
| Organization (WIPO) for persons who are blind
| or have other disabilities.



Giving Up On Patents

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| Not so many years ago, even as I was filled
| with fear and loathing of the hideous
| misconduct of the US Patent & Trademark
| Office, I retained some respect for the
| notion of patents. I even wrote what I
| think is an unusually easy-to-read
| introduction to Patent Theory. But no more.
| The whole thing is too broken to be fixed.
| Maybe it worked once, but it doesn any
| more. The patent system needs to be torn
| down and thrown out.
| [...]
| And here are a few words for the huge
| community of legal professionals who make
| their living pursuing patent law: Youe
| actively damaging society. Look in the
| mirror and find something better to do.

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