[News] iMagic GNU/Linux Distribution in Review, There's Something for Everyone

[News] iMagic GNU/Linux Distribution in Review, There's Something for Everyone

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 21 Oct 2009 10:21:43

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Review of iMagic OS 2009.9

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| In September, the iMagic team released iMagic
| OS 2009.9. The iMagic OS distribution has a
| lot of strong selling points. They offer a
| modern, easy-to-use desktop with all the
| common media codecs and plug-ins an end user
| would expect from a desktop OS. The iMagic
| distribution also claims the additional bonus
| of being able to run Microsoft Windows
| applications out of the box. The iMagic
| project leader, Carlos La Borde, was nice
| enough to provide a copy of the project's
| latest release for me to test drive.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ #feature

Is there a best distro?

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| What is the best Linux distribution? Not what
| is the best distribution for a server or what
| is the best distribution for a netbook, but
| what is the best general distribution. This
| made me step back and think for a couple of
| seconds. All of the distributions start from
| the same point. The kernel is essentially the
| same in every distribution, so that is not a
| differentiator. All of the distributions
| contain a selection of rich applications, and
| many distribution contain the same selection
| of applications, so that is not a clear
| discriminator.



Linux XP: Review

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| Linux XP does an admirable job of mimicing Windows XP?s behavior,
| so a typical XP user may find switching to LXP very easy. At the
| same time, the more fundamental question I?d ask is, if you are
| switching to Linux, why bother retaining windows XP layout, when
| Linux has better options?

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