[News] A Look at New GNU/Linux Distro (Qubes) and Review of YlmF GNU/Linux OS

[News] A Look at New GNU/Linux Distro (Qubes) and Review of YlmF GNU/Linux OS

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 07 Jun 2010 00:09:44

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New Open-Source OS Will Feature 'Disposable' Virtual Machines

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| Invisible Things Lab is creating these
| lightweight, throwaway VMs that work with
| traditional virtual machines in Qubes, the
| open-source, Xen-based OS it plans to
| release in beta later this summer. Qubes
| was architected to minimize the attack
| surface in the VM environment.


YlmF OS - Ni Hao!

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| YlmF is a refreshing product. It's not a
| revolution, though. There have been other
| such projects in the past, including
| Lindows, Xandros and other cross-platform
| solutions, aimed at incorporating the best
| of both worlds and offering the user an
| optimal, blended experience, with
| familiarity and simplicity of Windows and
| the robustness and usefulness of Linux.
| Some have worked, some have not. In most
| cases, the fusion was not quite
| successful, often because of hardware
| issues and misguided expectations.
| YlmF does not fall into this same trap and
| elegantly escapes doom by being a solid,
| robust distribution. Truth to be told, the
| rite of passage is much easier than it was
| years ago, when Linux desktop was still a
| rough and unpredictable journey.
| Nevertheless, YlmF achieves more by trying
| less.
| Compared to Ubuntu, YlmF is a relatively
| humble fork. Much of the underlying parts
| are the same. Some of the programs are
| changed and you get codecs; other than
| that, YlmF keeps it simple. The only big,
| radical change is the user interface,
| which is exactly the aim of this
| distribution. Users have no idea what
| kernel is or how it works. But they can
| appreciate their desktop icons.



Linux distribution Ylmf OS looks just like Windows XP

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| There is no shortage of Linux distros. For
| dozens, if not hundreds, of different
| tastes, there is a distribution made for
| you. And now, there is even a version of
| Linux that doesn't even look like Linux at
| all. It looks like Windows XP.

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2. [News] Comic Creation Software Targets GNU/Linux; Review of Renoise 2.0 for GNU/Linux

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Comic creation software released simultaneously for Linux and Windows.

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| Start by adding panels to your page. Then drop your favorite pictures onto
| the panels. Add a few Speech Bubbles, and boom. You've got your very own
| comic. And it was all "Drag and Drop".


Renoise 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Verdict: If cross-platform usability is more important to you than freedom,
| Renoise may suit your needs perfectly. 8/10.


eBook and Comic Book Reader, Organizer for Linux Hits 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Radical Breeze announces the immediate availability of RadicalCodex 1.0.
| RadicalCodex 1.0 is an eBook and digital Comic Book organizer and reader
| specifically built for Linux.


"Doomed to Obscurity" - New Web Comic Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| For a New Year's Day surprise, I'm finally launching the
| webcomic I've always wanted to do. It's called Doomed to
| Obscurity and if you give it time, it'll grow on you. Strip
| #1 is up today; subsequent strips will be published every
| odd-numbered calendar day. That's the rule.

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