[News] Business and Business Intelligence Need to Have Free Software Considered

[News] Business and Business Intelligence Need to Have Free Software Considered

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10 ideas about integrating open source into your IT infrastructure

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| At the Open Source Business Conference
| (OSBC) this year I did a presentation called
| sking the hard questions about open source
| software.Ie been expanding on some of
| the areas I mentioned and have previously
| posted the blog entries 0 elements of open
| source governance in your organizationand
| 0 considerations for maintaining open
| source in your organization.


Business Intelligence Alternatives 'Good Enough' for Many Users

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| While lower upfront cost isn't the only
| reason to consider open source software,
| it's one that initially gets the attention
| of many organizations. (I guess most of us
| are no different. When I'm shopping, I
| generally head to the clearance racks first.
| Who wants to pay full price if you don't
| have to?)
| In fact, with a continued emphasis on
| reducing IT costs, organizations are
| "obliged to at least evaluate open source as
| an alternative" to traditionally licensed
| software, said David White, a senior
| research analyst for The Aberdeen Group,
| when I interviewed him about his recent
| report, "Open Source Business Intelligence:
| The Cost, Utilization and Innovation Factors
| that Matter."



Cost-Conscious Companies 'Obliged' to Evaluate Open Source BI

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| Ann All spoke with David White, senior
| research analyst for Aberdeen Group and
| author of a report titled "Open Source
| Business Intelligence: The Cost, Utilization
| and Innovation Factors that Matter."


Market finally catching up with OSBI

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| Open source business intelligence (OSBI) burst
| onto the market several years ago, but only
| now are we starting to see signs of real
| traction among enterprises at both ndsof
| the BI spectrum - front-end reporting and
| analysis, and back-end data integration. This,
| coupled with growing awareness, acceptance,
| and commercial product development, will help
| push OSBI into the corporate mainstream.


Pentaho release blends data integration, BI

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| The Community Edition of Pentaho Data
| Integration 4.0 is free. The Enterprise
| Edition of the software, which starts at USD
| 2,000 includes support services as well as
| additional security and development features.


Open Source Business Intelligence


Pentaho Preps Open Source Partner Conference

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| Despite the recession, two areas of the IT channel open source companies
| and managed services specialists are pressing ahead with partner and
| customer conferences. The latest example involves Pentaho, an open source
| business intelligence company that plans to host a partner summit in April.