[News] Debian 6.0 Squeeze Probably Out This Year, A Look at Debian Derivative BOSS

[News] Debian 6.0 Squeeze Probably Out This Year, A Look at Debian Derivative BOSS

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 20 Jun 2010 20:49:30

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Debian 6.0 Squeeze expected to be released by the end of the yearif all goes well

,----[ Quote ]
| The Debian release team recently announced
| the current status of the next Debian
| release Squeeze. The team just finished the
| work on some major parts like completing the
| changes to run init scripts in parallel,
| transition to eglibc into testing, GNOME
| 2.30 and KDE 4.4.3. The next big step is to
| make Python 2.6 the default python version
| for sqeeeze and based on Adam Barratt
| estimation this could be finished sometime
| in late August, and at that time to freeze
| the release.


BOSS is Nobody's Boss!

,----[ Quote ]
| Developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development
| of Advanced Computing), it's yet another
| Debian fork with packages more dated than
| the current Debian stable, Lenny (Remember,
| Squeeze is close to freezing and is
| unofficially ready for mass consumption).
| BOSS' software stack has all the usual
| suspects such as - Web server, proxy server,
| Database server, Mail server, Network
| server, File and Print server, SMS server,
| LDAP server, plus all major Indian language
| packs. However, all these and the underlying
| kernel, desktop environments and userland is
| very old. Now, the latest, at version 3.0,
| it still sticks to linux 2.6.22, xorg 1.3,
| gnome 2.20, OOo 2.2 and FF 3.



Debian Project News - June 14th, 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to this year's fifth issue of DPN, the
| newsletter for the Debian community. Topics
| covered in this issue include:
| * Debian Community Poll
| * Automatic installation of hardware-specific
| packages
| * Desktop artwork and themes for Debian
| "Squeeze"
| * Debian Installer string freeze coming up
| * Provisional list of talks for DebConf10
| * License usage in Debian


Debian Squeeze Pre-review

,----[ Quote ]
| Every two years or so, Debian puts out a new
| "stable" release. This is my favorite
| distribution because of the minimal number of
| bugs and the huge software repositories and
| the powerful package manager. Right now,
| Lenny (5.0) is the stable release, and
| Squeeze (6.0) is in testing. Sometime "soon"
| Squeeze will get frozen, which means the
| regular flow of package migration will stop,
| and from then on it will only get bug and
| security fixes through a method of back-
| porting. Once the number of "release
| critical" bugs is reduced to an acceptable
| level (which used to mean 0, more recently it
| means 50 or so), then Squeeze will be
| released as the new stable version.

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1. ANN: Debian Policy for Ada, Fourth Edition for Debian 6.0 "Squeeze"

2. RFC: Debian Policy for Ada, Fourth Edition for Debian 6.0 "Squeeze"

Ludovic Brenta schrieb:

Any such expression of the versioning scheme would, sooner or
later, drive package users up several walls IMHO, after tearing
some hair out. Here is why it seems inacceptable:

(1) The symbolism, using positional notation and always multiply
overloaded punctuation in those tail pictures, is anything
but obvious: it requires learning a specific bureaucratic formalism++.
Such information should instead be hidden behind some interface.
If not, there is service inversion. The package user
(client) will have to deal with *internal* data of the package
handling service.

(2) Users would wonder from what *time-dependent* semantics
the *implicit* meaning of the suffix is to be deduced. Makes me
think that Ada programmers have better things to do. After all,
they are used to fewer exegetic efforts at deciphering symbolism.

Can someone important please mention the availability
of *extended* *file* *attributes*---BTW in *both* file systems
(including UDF) and in standard archive formats such as zip and
tar (hence easily available to deb) !
With extended file attributes the above information can be
coded almost like this:

Do you see the named notation, the XML attributes, and the
property settings? :-) Package handling tools would not
need to have yet another ad hoc, ever changing parser for file
name infixes. Instead, they could use the library routines for
extended file attribute handling.

Extended file attributes are too revolutionary?
THEY ARE NOT! Good old stuff.
Hey, Debian could have something to show off.
And help save us from even more idiosyncracy.

3. RFC: Debian Policy for Ada, Fourth Edition for Debian 6.0 "Squeeze"

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