[News] Free Software Grows in African, Other Free Software News

[News] Free Software Grows in African, Other Free Software News

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Open-source services show signs of growth in Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| Changing procurement rules and
| regulations, increased uptake of open-
| source-based certification and growth in
| the software and hardware markets has led
| to the rise of businesses that were
| previously ignored.
| [...]
| Most open-source software service
| companies were considered too small to get
| big contracts and did not have the capital
| to invest in technical support compared to
| established proprietary software
| companies.


CloudCourse: An Enterprise Application in the Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| At Google we have experts on everything
| from Python to penguins. However,
| connecting our expert teachers to eager
| students around the globe can be a
| complicated business. To that end, we are
| excited to release our new internal
| learning platform, CloudCourse under an
| open source license. Built entirely on App
| Engine, CloudCourse allows anyone to
| create and track learning activities.
| CloudCourse also offers calendaring,
| waitlist management and approval features.


EditShare Announces First Ever Lightworks Open Source platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Though its not Blender related news it is
| open source news for editing which I felt
| warranted mention here. Il let you in
| the community figure out if its worth it
| or not. From what Ie read it on their
| site, it looks impressive. Have any of
| you ever used it?


SabreDAV PHP framework becomes calendar server

,----[ Quote ]
| Most calendar clients are able to use the
| CalDAV protocol which allows remote
| swapping of appointments however, there
| is a shortage of open source CalDAV
| servers. Version 1.2 of open source PHP
| framework SabreDAV now includes the
| requisite functionality.


BitTorrent open sources TP protocol

,----[ Quote ]
| BiTtorrent has open sourced an update to
| its popular peer-to-peer file-sharing
| protocol.


Digital Parallels Embraces Zenoss for Managed Services

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenoss, maker of open source monitoring
| software, has added another managed
| services adopter: Digital Parallels, a
| master MSP in the United Kingdom. Although
| most MSPmentor 100 companies seem to be
| using traditional closed-source software,
| there are niches where open source
| alternatives are gaining momentum. Here
| a closer look at Zenoss and open source in
| the MSP ecosystem


Zombies, Open Source, and Bad Analogies

,----[ Quote ]
| I guess Vernon has not spent a lot of time
| watching zombie movies. Generally, at
| best, humans find a bit of respite from
| the zombies but they're still there.
| Usually waiting for George Romero to work
| on a sequel. But the point is, zombies
| generally win. While I'm not crazy about

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GNU and FSF News for February 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Did the Free Software Foundation meet their 2007 pledge drive goal? Will
| DefectiveByDesign try to stamp out DRM at the Boston Public Library? Does
| Stallman like the OLPC Project enough to replace his thinkpad with an XO?
| Will the SAMBA team finally get to see Microsoft's top-secret networking
| protocols? Where's RMS this month? Is the micro vs monolithic kernel debate
| back again? The answers to these and other mind-boggling questions that are
| on everyone's mind can be found in this month's GNU and FSF news summary.


Paragent IT Management Software Is Now Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Paragent, LLC is now offering its high quality IT management software as open
| source.


WSO2 joining open-source SOA registry field

,----[ Quote ]
| WSO2 will debut its open-source WSO2 Registry on Monday, providing registry
| and repository services for SOA.


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