[News] Linux/Android Gains More Key Staff and Makes Big Progress

[News] Linux/Android Gains More Key Staff and Makes Big Progress

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 30 May 2010 04:56:52

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Key WebOS developer jumps ship to Team Android

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| Departure of Palm's Matias Duarte may signal
| a vote of no confidence in HP's ability to
| compete on mobile


Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can't Wait to Use

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| Android 2.2 (codename: Froyo) is a minor SDK
| release, but it still packs some punch,
| providing both developers and users with
| some much-anticipated features. After
| attending the Google I/O conference and
| witnessing the Froyo announcement, here are
| the top ten features (in no particular
| order) that we think developers cannot wait
| to get their hands on.


Motorola Shadow glimpsed in the wild: 4.1-inch screen, 8MP camera, OMAP3630 processor?

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| Leave it to the very same poster who teased
| the Motorola Shadow's Getting Started
| manual, wnrussell of Howard Forums, to
| provide a pretty clear shot of the device
| itself -- yep, that's a HDMI out port -- and
| reveal some purported specs. Here's the
| claimed technical details: 4.1-inch screen,
| TI OMAP 3630 processor (a 720MHz ARM Cortex
| A8), 8GB internal storage, 8 megapixel
| camera.



Android 2.2 Headed to OEMs in Coming Weeks

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| Sending Android 2.2 to OEMs and open
| source community in the coming weeks is a
| good thing, right? Definitely. (Hello
| 2.2 ROM anyone?) Continuing to expect the
| Motorola Droid or Droid Incredible to
| receive the update sometime in June?
| Probably a reach.


Google: Guess what, Apple, we've discovered the internet

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| The war of words between Google and Apple
| in public at least has never raged
| more fiercely. On stage, as the search
| company announced the new generation of
| its Android mobile phone operating system,
| Vice President Vic Gundotra repeatedly
| referred disparagingly to the closed
| ecosystem that Apple uses for its
| products.


Turf war heats up as Google accuses Apple of forgetting its roots and stifling innovation

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| "He said it was critically important to
| provide a free mobile operating system, an
| open-source operating system, that would
| enable innovations at every level of the
| stack," Mr Gundotra started.


Google: Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation

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| "Some of the press has called it
| fragmentation, but that's probably the
| wrong word for it," he told reporters last
| week at Google I/O, the company annual
| developer conference. "The better word for
| it is 'legacy.' With these phones and
| devices, the iteration cycle is incredibly
| fast. It used to be that every 18 months,
| a new device would reach the market. But
| we'r