[News] New Linux-oriented Audiocasts: FLOSS Weekly on Mercurial, Going Linux

[News] New Linux-oriented Audiocasts: FLOSS Weekly on Mercurial, Going Linux

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FLOSS Weekly 122: Mercurial

,----[ Quote ]
| The free, distributed source control
| management tool Mercurial.


Going Linux Jun 05: #104

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ #glp104


Interview with Mercurial's Matt Mackall

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| Recently, Mercurial author Matt Mackall has
| decided to try to devote his full time to
| working on the distributed source control tool.
| He's doing this by seeking funding from
| companies that use Mercurial or sell Mercurial-
| based products.
| [...]
| OStatic: Do you have any plans for promoting
| Mercurial in addition to the development work
| to try to boost adoption & contributions?
| Frankly, no. I'm not much interested in
| evangelizing. Mercurial is successful enough
| that I just don't have time for it, let alone
| motivation. As for contributions, there are
| already more than I can manage in my available
| time, and so a large part of this efforts is to
| free up more of my time for that.


Distributed Development with Mercurial

,----[ Quote ]
| Every clone of a Mercurial repository can
| act as a consistent, fully functional
| repository itself. This is a very useful
| property of a DVCS; one that you can take
| advantage of to make development a lot
| easier, especially for teams that are
| dispersed in multiple places of the globe.


My Story of Mercurial and Subversion

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm really getting attached to using
| Mercurial. I've been a Subversion fan for
| years but when Ben Collins-Sussman (one of
| the authours of Subversion) mentioned he's
| been using Mercurial, I took that as a pretty
| solid endor *** t. I'm not saying I'm jumping
| ship but I definitely have found some of the
| things I can do with hg to be pretty
| convenient compared to the way I've been
| using Subversion. I've used the two for
| different types of projects though. My
| subversion repositories have held the code
| and resources for my websites for a long
| time. I've also worked on shared C/C++
| applications with Jeff and stored our stuff
| on an SVN server. It's really convenient
| since it works well across OSes and I have a
| central server that I can reach from pretty
| much wherever I want.


OpenOffice.org migrating to Mercurial

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenOffice.org (OOo) project has announced
| that it will be switching to Mercurial as its
| source code management (SCM) tool for the future
| development of its open source office suite. The
| project developers chose Mercurial over other
| distributed source code management tools, such as
| Git or Bazaar, because they "believe that its
| combination of ease of use, flexibility and
| performance fits best with the overall OOo
| needs".

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