[News] New Red Hat Event Coming, Red Hat Now 5.9 Billion in Market Cap

[News] New Red Hat Event Coming, Red Hat Now 5.9 Billion in Market Cap

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 19 Jun 2010 02:01:37

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Red Hat Summit: Even Microsoft Will Lend a Virtualization Hand

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| Frankly, it difficult to track
| everything that expected to occur at Red
| Hat Summit, because the open source
| company continues to diversify beyond its
| Linux heritage to promote JBoss middleware
| and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
| (RHEV). Here how The VAR Guy expects the
| conference to unfold `----


Red Hat Provides Snapshot Into Red Hat Summit and JBoss World Content

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| The Red Hat Summit and JBoss World team
| presented a preview into this year
| events during a one-hour Red Hat Summit
| and JBoss World in a Glimpse webinar
| offering. Four Red Hat presenters,
| including Red Hat global events strategy
| manager, JBoss product line director and
| two product marketing directors, detailed
| why customers, partners and community
| members attend the event, described the
| typical attendee and outlined highlights
| of the events from recurring session
| topics to the many networking
| opportunities.


Does Open Source Suffer From A Glass Ceiling?

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| But looking up today's market cap shows
| Red Hat with a 5.9B market cap. Not too
| bad for a company that is doing 750
| million in revenue.



There may never be another Red Hat but that is OK

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| When you put it that way Red Hat success
| becomes even more remarkable. No one has to
| pay an open source software company for its
| code. If a pure open source company is only
| one that depends on voluntary code payments
| for its bread, then getting $800 million of| such
| payments a year is pretty amazing.

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