[News] Red Hat Results Imminent, Red Hat Serves as Route to Fedora GNU/Linux on Desktop

[News] Red Hat Results Imminent, Red Hat Serves as Route to Fedora GNU/Linux on Desktop

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Earnings Look Ahead: In 5 days, Red Hat Releases Its Quarterly Numbers (RHT)

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| SmarTrend is bullish on shares of Red Hat and
| our subscribers were alerted to Buy on June
| 14, 2010 at $31.47. The stock has risen 1.4%
| since the alert was issued.


I am Fedora

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| Back in 1999, my employer, Pittsburgh
| Supercomputing Center put a Red Hat Linux
| system running an Alpha processor on my desk.
| From there I was supposed to do write
| parallel code for a Red Hat Linux beowulf
| cluster. It was tricky without some basic
| desktop tools.



Fedora 13 Goddard. Bah. Meh. Hmm? Ok.

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| To sum it up, I think Fedora 13 is much better
| than its predecessors, but still cannot compete
| with the likes of Mint, Ubuntu, Mandriva, and
| associated folks, which provide the common
| users with more tools and more intuitive tools
| to enjoy their desktop. Fedora makes sense for
| veterans, developers, tech junkies, and
| explorers, who want to dabble in what will and
| could become the mainstream in 3-4 years.


Why I using Fedora 13 now

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| In short, I not running the latest
| versions of applications anymore, because
| Fedora doesn have a rolling release
| schedule. This used to be a big deal for
| me, now I find that I don care. The
| repositories are extensive, but of course
| Arch has the AUR which contains almost all
| open software known to manut I not
| running anything *** anymore.


Fedora 13 review

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| Fedora 13 is the latest update to the
| Redhat-sponsored, RPM-based Linux
| distribution. It has long held a
| reputation of being a testbed for features
| that will eventually make it into Redhat
| Enterprise Linux, and, therefore, less
| stable than other desktop-oriented
| distributions. And I think that one
| reason why Fedora has features that youl
| not find on other desktop-focused
| distributions.


Fedora 13 Boasts Many Leading-Edge Enhancements

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| Red Hat's Fedora 13 open-source software can
| serve in a full gamut of Linux roles, as long
| as users are prepared to upgrade their
| systems about once a year.

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