[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.10; Ubuntu 10.04 LTS News

[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.10; Ubuntu 10.04 LTS News

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 05:02:06

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Ubuntu to push latest Firefox to Hardy, Jaunty and Karmic

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| According to a posting on the Ubuntu
| developers mailing list, Ubuntu developers
| are planning to push the next release of
| Firefox, 3.6.4, to the current Ubuntu
| release, Lucid Lynx 10.04, and to older
| versions such as Hardy (8.04LTS), Jaunty
| (9.04) and Karmic Koala (9.10). These older
| versions currently have Firefox 3.0 and
| xulrunner 1.9 both of which are no longer
| supported by Mozilla.


Ubuntu To Pull In New Versions Of Firefox

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| Ubuntu's longstanding policy of not pulling
| in new major versions of packages into their
| stable repositories is facing a slight
| change. Canonical along with the Ubuntu
| development community have been making it
| easier to deploy Mozilla Firefox web-browser
| updates into existing Ubuntu releases.


Summary of development plans for Ubuntu 10.10


Mandriva-style control centre for Ubuntu


Canonical - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS review

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| With each and every release, Ubuntu Linux
| seems to get that little bit easier and
| friendlier to use. To put it through its
| paces, we downloaded the CD image of the
| latest iteration, Ubuntu 10.04, burned it to
| a disc and booted directly from it.
| In the past, many Linux distros booted up as
| a live CD from that point, and once you'd
| arrived at the desktop screen, there sat the
| icon to install the operating system to your
| hard disk. Ubuntu 10.04 instead offers you a
| welcome half-way house, in that mid-boot you
| can choose whether to try a live CD without
| writing files to your system, or go for the
| full install. We opted for the latter.


Why does Ubuntu keep shipping with Evolution?

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| The Evolution mail client has been the
| default such application in Ubuntu since I
| got to know of Linux. Sure it is the default
| GNOME mail/calendar application, but I really
| am of the view that Ubuntu needs to drop it
| in favor of say Mozilla's very brilliant
| Thunderbird.
| For one thing running Evolution on my machine
| makes me wonder if it is IE in disguise. It
| is, for starters, very heavy on my system
| resources. My hdd light keeps blinking to
| hell when I click on that application at any
| time. It also seems to take an eternity to
| respond to my mouse clicks.



Ubuntu, Firefox and License Issues

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| The most important thing here is to acknowledge that yes, the content of the
| license agreement is wrong. The correct content is clear that the code is
| governed by FLOSS licenses, not the typical end user license agreement
| language that is in the current version. We created a license that points to
| the FLOSS licenses, but wee made a giant error in not getting this to
| Ubuntu, other distributors, and posted publicly for review. Wel correct
| t