[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Owns the HypePhone, More Ubuntu News

[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Owns the HypePhone, More Ubuntu News

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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 can read your iPhone's secrets


Canonical, Ubuntu: Wee More Than Mark Shuttleworth

,----[ Quote ]
| Shuttleworth will need similar help to keep
| Canonical moving in the right direction,
| especially as new rivals potentially step in
| to acquire Novell and/or Mandriva.


Guitars to Goat Festivals Ubuntu For All!

,----[ Quote ]
| Pete found a local place, B-Sharp Music.Pete
| started talking to the owner Stan, who as it
| turned out is an advocate of Open Source.
| After they talked and he took a look at Ubuntu,
| he switched his computers over to Ubuntu.
| Karmic at the time, but now Lucid. Stan also
| asked for some CD and fliers so that when
| people asked what he was running on the
| computers in the music store he could tell them
| and help them switch to Ubuntu.



Want Android On Your iPhone? It Ready For Download

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month we reported that an
| enterprising young hacker named David Wang
| had managed to successfully port Android
| on to the Apple iPhone. Wang noted the
| release wasn far away from making his
| work available, just that he needed time
| to clean his code before releasing the
| binaries for public consumption.

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You have a weird definition of the word.

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