[News] 3 New Audiocasts: Going Linux, Linux Outlaws, Linux Basement

[News] 3 New Audiocasts: Going Linux, Linux Outlaws, Linux Basement

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Going Linux 106


Linux Outlaws 156 - Blame the Uwe Seeler


LB - Episode 57 - SELF Barfly by Linux Basement

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Basement Talk
| * Props to Dave "Sexy" Yates of
| LottaLinuxLinks Oggcast for mentioning LB
| in LLL-125. We should return the favor.
| ;-)
| * Claudio did an off-the-cuff guest spot
| on Linux in the Ham Shack on June 1 and
| did his best to promote Linux, FLOSS, and
| LB of course. :-D
| o http://lhspodcast.info/2010/06/episode-039-deep-thoughts/
| * Frostbitemedia http://www.frostbitemedia.org
| * DoortoDoorGeek's Podcast http://www.linuxbasix.com/



Podcast Season 2 Episode 11

,----[ Quote ]
| In this episode: Google releases its own
| command-line tool, Ubuntu drops F-Spot, and
| has anyone seen Mandriva? Listen to the
| results of our haiku challenge, and we ask,
| do you use open source software for freedom
| or function?


Podcast 78 Gentoo Screenshots + IRC Basics


Episode 0x2A: Waiting for Bilski

,----[ Quote ]
| Karen and Bradley briefly talk about waiting
| for the Bilski case to be decided by the
| U.S. Supreme Court.
| This show was released on Tuesday 22 June
| 2010; its running time is 08:39.


FLOSS Weekly 125: The Lift Web Framework

,----[ Quote ]
| Lift is framework for writing web applications
| with security, maintainability, scalability,
| and performance.


FLOSS Weekly 124: Zenoss

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenoss is an open source network monitoring
| platform designed for highly scaled and
| distributed IT assets.


Full Circle Side-Pod #2: A World Cup -free zone


Going Linux Jun 18: #105 - Computer America #105


CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.06.11

,----[ Quote ]
| Topics for this podcast:
| *Linaro reinforces traction for mobile and
| embedded Linux
| *Open source strategy spotlights: Novell, HP
| *Riptano makes commercial play with Apache
| Cassandra
| *Linux still tops in Top500 Supercomputers


Podcast Season 2 Episode 10

,----[ Quote ]
| In this episode: Fedora 13 is out. Google drops
| the Windows option for new staff and yet Windows
| is still doing well as a server. Discover how we
| fared with a minority distribution and we tout
| our ideas on how Linux devices can beat Apple's
| iPad.


Linux Outlaws 153 - Tinfoil Wallpaper Millionaire

,----[ Quote ]
| This week on Linux Outlaws: Google and OSI
| fighting over WebM, FSF enforces GPL in the
| iTunes Store, Poettering now aiming at the| init system, Microsoft sponsoring LinuxTag,
| Pac-Man madness and much more `----


The Linux Link Tech Show #356 6

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Linux Outlaws 152 - I Shot the Sheriff

,----[ Quote ]
| In this show: A metric buttload of Google
| news (aka. This Week in Google Outlaws),
| software patents now legal in Germany, Fab
| rants on the fact that people complain about
| Google pying on WiFiand much more `----


KDE and the Masters of the Universe 2010-05-30

,----[ Quote ]
| This week on KDEMU we introduce Gabriel
| Saldana one of the co-hosts of KDEMU, we talk
| about KDE Mexico, his life as a rock star and
| emacs.



The Linux Link Tech Show #355 May 26 [Ogg]


Podcast Season 2 Episode 9

,----[ Quote ]
| In this episode: We discuses the three big
| Linux-related announcements from Google. We
| present our amazing discoveries from the last
| fortnight and ask whether anyone is e *** d by
| the HP Slate.

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