[News] Android/Linux is Gaining at Apple's Expense

[News] Android/Linux is Gaining at Apple's Expense

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 04 Jul 2010 21:59:00

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AdMob Final Mobile Metrics Report: Android Rising, But Apple Still Dominates Worldwide

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| Over the past two years, mobile ad impressions from smartphones
| have grown from 22 percent of the total to 46 percent in May,
| 2010. Apple iOS devices account for the largest portion worldwide,
| with 40 percent share. But as you can see in the chart above,
| that share has been declining since it peaked above 50 percent
| in November, 2009. Over that time, Android has been
| steadily taking share, rising to 26 percent.


A Little Over A Year Later, Android Is Unstoppable

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| The more you look at Android today, the
| more you have to think back to the fact
| that early last year, people wondered
| whether Google's mobile operating system
| would even survive. There were countless
| columns in March of 2009 trumpeting the
| fact that only one Android handset was
| shown at Mobile World Congress that year.
| Now, Android is spreading out far beyond
| just the many smartphones it appears on.
| This week, Cisco announced a new tablet
| based on the OS, and that's just one new
| direction for Android.


Why do I use an Android phone?

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| However, at the same time, there is one
| thing that I would point out as an
| Android, even at this time: the fact that
| an Android phone is a complete peer to the
| PC and not a slave to it in any way.



iPhone vs. Android: Five points of difference

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| The iPhone is as proprietary as Apple can
| possibly make it. If you like what Apple
| wants to give you in the iPhone, you'll
| never notice.
| But, if you want more than what Apple wants
| to offer you, you're out of luck. Take
| Adobe Flash, for example. Adobe would love
| to let you view Flash videos and play Flash
| games on an iPhone, but Apple will have
| nothing to do with Flash. Short of the
| Department of Justice ordering Apple to let
| Flash on iPhones or Adobe suing Apple into
| submission, the only way Flash will show up
| on iPhones, or iPads for that matter, will
| be through technical kludges.
| Android is far more open. If there's an
| Android application out there, even if it's
| not in Google's official Android Market,
| you can download, install, and run it.


Linux Tablets to Be Headed in the Near Future

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| As a matter of fact, word is that some Linux
| tablets are headed our way in the near future
| but they ain here yet. And while I think
| that Linux tablets will do well, it also
| drives me to expect a lot from them.
| According to Jim Zemlin, the head of the Linux
| Foundation, it is necessary for mobile Linux
| vendors to increase their technical
| investments in order users could benefit Linux
| devices.


Kogan promises a sub-$200, Android based iPad rival

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| Kogan giving Android another shot with a
| tablet that has HDMI output, 512MB RAM,
| 2GB internal memory