How do I get Permission ......... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

How do I get Permission ......... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Post by Stee » Mon, 20 Sep 2010 21:40:14

Go *** yourself, all you can do is chase. Are you Alias?
That little mother *** ing John Madden playing *** -sucking G. Moron a
24hoursupport low-life *** is going to get in my face? I don't think
so -- *** him and you too. This clown is going to talk to me about
Android being *** ing Linux when the clowns in COLA damn near *** ed
each other about it. :)

You need to get out of my face you cunt. :)

How do I get Permission ......... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Post by Muad'Di » Mon, 20 Sep 2010 23:20:05

Wow, you astound me with your lack of reasonable communication skills,
and I mean even RUDIMENTARY skills. Good lord, where did you attend
school? Or maybe I should be asking why didn't you attend school? Were
you in jail? Prison? ..Or are you just illiterate and crude by nature? I
pick the latter. No wonder you have yet to formulate an intelligent
reply. I am going from amazement to pity. How sad for you, that you are
so uneducated and crude. Course, how do you know the difference, to you,
you are the smartest person in town. Too bad the rest of the town folk
are at retarded level, which puts you just above retarded. (Basically
just plain retarded)

YOU need to get out of OUR faces, get educated, and learn some basic
manners, at the very LEAST.. Your cursing at best means nothing, but
sorely shows your ignorance. Intelligent persons have no need for crude
language to get a point across, as they can communicate with regular
words, and gee, "big" words to boot< You should be ashamed, but
as I recall hearing, "Ignorance is bliss" something I wouldn't know
about, but I am guessing YOU know ALL ABOUT IT by your statements. See,
you reveal your ignorance by your "mouth." Better to keep your mouth
shut and not reveal your ignorance, than to open it and confirm it. Eh??