One Braincell - One Shill, backs another loser

One Braincell - One Shill, backs another loser

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Verily I say unto thee, that SomeBloke spake thusly:

Ah yes, Florian Mueller: another of those etenal "pragmatists" who
describes idealists as "extremists", whilst gleefully embracing the
even more blatant extremism of the status quo, because "it pays".

In July 2007, version 3 of the GNU General Public License barely
accounted for 164 projects. A year later, the number had climbed past
2,000 total projects. Today, as announced by Google open-source programs
office manager Chris DiBona, the number of open-source projects licensed
under GPLv3 is at least 56,000.

And that's just counting the projects hosted at Google Code.

In a hallway conversation with DiBona at OSCON, he told me roughly half
of all projects on Google Code use the GPL and, of those, roughly half
have moved to GPLv3, or 25 percent of all Google Code projects.

With more than 225,000 projects currently hosted at Google Code, that's
a lot of GPLv3

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