Race to port Linux to PIC

Race to port Linux to PIC

Post by 7 » Wed, 27 Apr 2011 01:21:35

Race to port Linux to PIC

There is a race on to port Linux to PIC.


The PICs are not powerful as ARM chips, but
they are available in configurations that ARM does not
need to match.

The high end PICs can now match some very low end ARMs together
with microchip porting of their compiler to gcc derivative,
it puts microchip CPUs just within reach of Linux.
So a race is on to see who ports first.

I'd dearly like to port Linux to PIC but wading into the
porting arena you are struck by the massive
amounts of technology that needs to be learned
before even beginning to attempt it.

Anyone out there with advise on porting Linux
to a new chip? Specifically a crib sheet on what
to learn first and fast to go about systematically doing the porting thing?