Rex Ballard is a liar. Rex Ballard is a piece of xxxx

Rex Ballard is a liar. Rex Ballard is a piece of xxxx

Post by Ezekie » Fri, 14 Jan 2011 05:39:20

Wow Rex... that's a real whopper. If the speed is limited by the HDD then
just run a P4 processor since it's orders of magnitude faster than a HDD.

But of course you have a credible link to backup this claim. You know, the
claim where Win7 is not able to benefit from a fast CPU because the speed of
the HDD is the limiting factor.

I think this latest claim of yours shows just how technically incompetent
and clueless you really are. You don't seem like a bad guy Rex so why do
you constantly make up this bullshit?

Therefore your conclusion is completely incorrect.

1. Rex Ballard lies again - C'mon Rex... backup your lies for a change.

2. Rex Ballard: I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Is this Linux kook kidding?

Dressed in drag and blowing a bartender to get a date with a girl?

I nominate Rex Ballard as Linux Advocate of the year!

He/she and Linux seem to go hand in hand.


Look at names like "High Plains Thumper"

Walk into a bar in LA and tell people your name is "High Plains Thumper"
and you will have a very hard time.

How about his bpyfriend "Bobbie The triple Killer"

That one is even more gay sounding.
Does that mean you take it in all 3 holes?

Linux sure seems to attract more than it's fair share of poofs!

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