Ubuntu Lurid crapwa forums contain 8 separate threads about random freezes

Ubuntu Lurid crapwa forums contain 8 separate threads about random freezes

Post by DFS » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 11:41:29

"I searched through the Ubuntu forums and found 8 separate threads
concerning 10.04 installs freezing on various desktop and laptop computers."

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I bet 7 of the threads are plants by Microsoft...

1. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezes are a never-ending game... please help us Canonical!!!"

2. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezes when I click the mouse 5 to 10 times"

"Too much of problem on ubuntu 10.04 . Random freeze.

1.Add a New panel reboot and get freeze.Have to reset default panel
2.Delay maximize and minimize window while using compiz , some xorg
1.7.6 fix it but still run slow when scrolling , opening a folder and etc.
3.Freeze when you right click and left click constantly for like 5 to 10
4.Missing a lot of icon and etc

Mostly every problem I encounter pointed to gui and xorg problem.

Will stop using lucid for a while until it get fix.I bet there are still
lot problem haven't been detect yet."

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Well then you should do all your computing with the keyboard...talk to
various weenies here in cola about that.

3. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "I have a fully functioning, freeze-free system!"

4. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "keyboard mouse monitor and sound all freeze at same time"

5. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "brand new PC...ran for one day...now freezes and crashes daily"

6. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezes every few minutes...pretty much unusable...really annoying"

7. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezes when I'm not using it...it's insane"

8. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "it wouldn't stop freezing"

9. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "suffered another freeze...very frustrating...no interest from the developers"

10. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa freezes every hour

11. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freeze, forced reboot, ALSA drivers now corrupted"

12. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezes within 2 minutes"

13. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "freezing problem should have been fixed a long time ago... it's quite prevalent"

14. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "my new laptop freezes all the time"

15. Ubuntu Lurid crapwa "This freezing is driving me crazy!"