[News] [Rival] Microsoft Lobbies for Cheaper Labour, Uses Excuses

[News] [Rival] Microsoft Lobbies for Cheaper Labour, Uses Excuses

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:35:33

or: "what's good for Microsoft is bad for America" (after all)]

Bill on Capitol Hill: Gates Wants Visas

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| Congress has heard the requests before, especially about increasing the cap
| on H1-B visas, which are granted to skilled foreign professionals. While a
| Microsoft spokesman said there's been a "real effort" by Congress and the
| Bush administration to move the ball forward on broad immigration reform,
| they have failed.


The education bit is BS. See references below. It's like "innovation" for
software patent bills and "evil pirates" for DMCA.

Gates to speak to Congress

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| Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., is expected to address the U.S.
| House Science and Technology Committee in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.


Guess Who's Getting the Most Work Visas

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| Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC) are the only two traditional U.S. tech
| companies among the top 10. Microsoft received 959 visa petition approvals,
| or one fifth as many as Infosys, while Intel got 369.


Cheap labour makes poor software whose flaws everybody is paying for (while
companies like Microsoft save money), so they merely pass the burden.


Study: There Is No Shortage of U.S. Engineers

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| ...a new study from Duke University calls this argument bunk, stating
| that there is no shortage of engineers in the United States, and
| that offshoring is all about cost savings.


Is There a Shortage of U.S. Tech Workers?

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| Speaking before a Senate committee earlier this month, Gates said
| that America is facing a critical shortage of tech workers. He
| recommended boosting the number of H-1B visas to allow more foreign
| tech workers into the U.S.
| [...]
| "I think that has created an environment where the population of advanced
| skill workers has shrunk a lot in the U.S., because we just haven't created
| a fair system," he says. "Where if you go to other countries, you'll find
| national policy around broadband deployment, which creates a much more even
| playing field for people of all income levels to learn by and work by."
| "We did it to ourselves," he says.


Microsoft Sending All XP and Vista Tech Support Calls To India?

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| Microsoft is sending ALL of its XP and Vista tech support calls to India
| starting March 29th, according to a call center insider


"Dear Microsoft": An open letter to Microsoft regarding the outsourcing of

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| Don't get it twisted: I don't have a problem with you outsourcing
| jobs to people that will work for next-to-nothing. It's just
| getting a bit out of hand, don't you think? I mean, there's no
| point trying to fool me.



Bill Gates to address Senate panel

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| Micr