[News] New Version of GParted Released, New Linux Introduced (Jazz Linux, 2817 MB)

[News] New Version of GParted Released, New Linux Introduced (Jazz Linux, 2817 MB)

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:15:11

18 october 2007 : GParted livecd 0.3.4-9 has been released !

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| Like I said few days ago, here is the new release of our livecd.


Food for distro-hoppers: Jazz Linux

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| Not listed on Distrowatch.com, Jazz Linux is said to be: a young Polish
| Linux distribution created as a continuation of Aurox Linux project by
| community of it's users and developers. It is based on CentOS 5.0. Its main
| purpose is to mix functionality of discontinued Aurox (multimedia, education
| etc.) with stability of CentOS.
| [...]
| You can get Jazz Linux as a 2817 MB DVD: Jazz_20070901.iso (MD5)



Manage partitions and disks with GParted-Clonezilla live CD

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| For a home user or an administrator with just a few systems, the
| GParted-Clonezilla live CD is an excellent tool for managing disks. It can
| save you several hours when preparing new disks or migrating partitions from
| one disk to another. It's also a fantastic way to move a partition that's not
| around free space into a bigger partition without much fuss.


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Calculate 10.0


GParted 0.5.0-1


OpenSolaris dev-128a



Is too much choice getting in the way of Linux' acceptance?

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| Think about it for a moment. Let the idea sink in. Now, would you be willing
| to give up your favorite distribution for this to happen? Or would you be
| willing to accept the idea that your favorite might have to become nothing
| more than a variant of the fficial distribution Because we all know that
| even this wouldn stop the open source community from continuing to create
| the way they do. But even if forks of the fficial distributionwere
| developed, there would still be he onethat companies and new users could
| migrate to and know what they were getting, know that they could get
| world-wide, standardized support.


Torvalds rejects one-size-fits-all Linux

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| Linus Torvalds has rejected the argument that Linux developers should pool
| their resources behind a single distribution.

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