[News] [Linux] Moonlight Turns the Lights Out on Microsoft's Anti-Linux Venom

[News] [Linux] Moonlight Turns the Lights Out on Microsoft's Anti-Linux Venom

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:28:51

oonlight Overview: An OSS Alternative to Silverlight

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| Not too long ago, I shared my thoughts on Microsoft's introduction
| of Silverlight, their blatant lack of Linux support and how they were
| aiming at regaining their browser dominance. Well, it looks like the
| open source crowd has picked up the pieces again with a solution to
| conquer what ails the common Linux user. Silverlight, meet Moonlight.


Another man who doesn't get it:

Microsoft's Silverlight Platform: Taking Out the Cost Factor

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| While cost is not always the most important factor when it comes to
| content creation and delivery, cost does always play into the
| overall decision of what platform(s) content creators will support.



Lights out for Silverlight

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| The next point is the availability of the tools. Even though you can
| view Silverlight on OS X, you will have no chance of being able to
| author Silverlight content without a Windows licence. This is a
| conscious decision. On the one hand, Microsoft wants to get
| designers using their Expression toolset yet designers will have
| to come across to the Windows platform in order to do it. It may
| not be such a large hurdle but it is a hurdle nevertheless. Ever
| tried to force an OS X user onto Windows? They cry, they scream
| and they want their (at times) consistent GUI back.


Microsoft's Silverlight Disappoints

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| I shake off the dissapointment and continue up the trail


Linux to Microsoft: Let's Fight with Silverlight

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| Microsoft has spent the past few years trumpeting their "you are
| using patented code" with zero proof or real legal action, this
| is their ace in the hole. If Microsoft does manage to make sure
| that this Silverlight becomes the new standard for media rich web
| browsing, we are in real trouble.


Microsoft's Silverlight Biased and Doomed

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| Microsoft is undoubtedly making progress in the browser and operating
| system platform struggle, but since their new Web technology can't be
| viewed and created by everyone, they still have a long way to go.


Why Microsoft Silverlight Will Fail.

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| My main reasons (And please, correct me if I am wrong):
| * No IDE for me - The development path is currently platform
| specific to Windows. Not even an open compiler or server side
| compiler for Linux is available. Use Expression Blend on my
| Mac? Not happening.
| * No plug in for Linux - Even Adobe has managed to deliver it's
| modern plugin to Linux users. I only use Linux as a server
| platform, but with Ubuntu, etc making inroads on the desktop,
| it's nice to have it as an option.
| [...]


Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe's Apollo: Web-Killer 2.0

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